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Expulsion of Afghan traders from UAE, against intl. laws, Senate

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Expulsion of Afghan traders from UAE, against intl. laws, Senate

Some senators evaluate expulsion of Afghan traders from United Arab Emirates (UAE) in contradiction with international laws and asked government to solve this problem and avoid compulsive expulsion of Afghan traders as soon as possible.

The senators say that Afghan traders have no political activity in (UAE) and the government of Afghanistan should assure them in the connection.

A senate member, Abdurrahim Hassanyar told senate session held Sunday that the issue of expulsion of Afghan traders from the UAE is a shocking issue for all nationals of Afghanistan and nullification of their residence is against all international commitments, agreements and laws.

According to Hassanyar, the total capital of these investors estimated about $nine billion and if expelled, enormous losses would be inflicted on the economy of the people of Afghanistan.

He elucidated that the 600-member list of Afghan traders whom are said to be expelled relates to specific tribe and religion. It was provided by Charge d’affairs of Afghanistan in UAE and has been laid at the disposal of UAE government. 

Therefore the senate should ask from ministry of foreign affairs to solve this issue.

 The UAE links this issue to Yemen and has cancelled the visas of 600 Afghans who invested in this country and are relating to Hazara tribe. They have been given deadline to leave this country. 

At the same time, senators say that these individuals are Afghans and has no relate to Yemen issue. 

Member of senate, Mahammad Hassan said that these 600 Afghans belong to one tribe and because of being Shiite, are expelled from the UAE due to Yemen issue. “I hope the senate to maintain contact with the embassy of UAE and assure them that the issue is not what they think.” He added. 

At the same time, Chief of senate, Fazal Hadi Muslimyar asks government to follow-up and investigate the issue of Afghan traders in UAE. 

“I demand from the president who has good tie with the UAE to solve the problem of our traders.” Muslimyar added. According to him, it is the problem of all Afghans and is not related to Shiite brethren. 

Chief of senate instructed the international relations commission to share the senators’ concern with ministry of foreign affairs and ask the latter to investigate the issue.

 Previously, the Afghan traders residing in UAE demanded from government of Afghanistan to investigate their problems.

 Although, the authorities of national unity government expressed their hope to solve this problem, but the traders have said that so far, no step has been taken practically by government of Afghanistan for the solution of their problem in UAE. They want from the latter to solve their problem as soon as possible.

The witnesses also say that the traders of all countries of Europe, Asia and America have invested in UAE and since long, Afghans also collected their capitals and are dealing with trade. But now, it is seen that from among 1200 businessmen, the UAE wants to expel 600 of them.

It is the responsibility of national unity government to negotiate with the UAE government in this connection and prevent dispensing them from this work, as expulsion of these traders along with their capitals is not in the benefit of Afghanistan. According to them, now, the government of Afghanistan is in need of donation and assistance in economic and other sectors.

 When they are going to invest in any part of the world, this opportunity should not be taken from them. 

Afghan investors should be allowed like other world nationals to invest in every part of    the world they want and such discrimination should not be permitted.

This is in a time that last week, the UAE made a decision and gave deadline to 600 Afghan traders to leave the UAE along with their capitals as soon as possible. Shukria Kohistani