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20,000 Afghans displaced in past two months, UN

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20,000 Afghans displaced in past two months, UN
 The United Nations says fighting in different parts of Afghanistan has forced nearly 20,000 people to leave their homes since the beginning of 2018.
Based on the UN reports, more than 4500 people have been displaced only in Maidan Wardak during the current year. The UN report also informed of repatriation of 480 Afghan refugees from Pakistan and Iran to Afghanistan.
According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, 18,500 people have so far been displaced.This is an average of 385 displaced people per day, according to the report.Forced displacements were reported from almost all parts of Afghanistan, but most came from the eastern and western regions of the country, the UN said.Last year 460,000 people left their homes due to conflict, while the number of displacements in Afghanistan in 2016 reached more than 660,600.
In an interview with The Kabul Times correspondent, media advisor to ministry of refugees and repatriation Hafiz Ahmad Miakhel said: “Nearly one million of our countrymen have been displaced from their home provinces in particular Helmand, Farah, Nangarhar, Kunduz and other restive parts of the country in the past few years due to insecurities and ongoing conflict.”
He added that there were nearly 8,000 displaced families living only in Kabul city and the ministry of refugees and repatriates in cooperation with international organizations have been able to complete their survey and distributed foodstuffs and aids to the families that have been displaced mostly from Helmand, Farah and Nangarhar and were living in 52 parts of the city.
Related to programs and policy determined to be implemented for resettlement of domestic displaced families, Miakhel said: “Ministry of refugees and repatriates has prepared policy for domestic displaced families, but we are working on a plan that how we can help resettle the displaced families to their home areas and fortunately various international organizations have assured of cooperation in this regard.
Meanwhile, a number of Afghan experts while expressing concern over increasing of insecurities in some parts of the country and condition of displaced families in the country say unfortunately Afghanistan government has no particular programs for domestic displaced families.
“Most of our countrymen prefer to leave their home provinces due to increasing of insecurities, suicide attacks, continued conflict and emergence of Daesh in some parts of the country; therefore, the government should find a way for solution of ongoing situation and tighten security in areas facing with security threats so displaced families return back to their home areas,” said Mohammad Mudaqiq, an Afghan political expert.
Jalal Noori, an Afghan university lecturer, told The Kabul Times correspondent that Afghanistan government should provide displaced families with lands or proper location until security is maintained in their home areas; besides, international aid agencies should cooperate with Afghanistan government to address problems facing displaces families.
A number of domestic displaced families living in DehAraban of Kabul’s Qargha area asked the government to pave the way for their return to their home areas as they were facing with difficulties.
Based on reports of Afghanistan government, currently there are five million people who have been displaced from their home areas in the past few years due to various reasons as insecurity and poverty.