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Afghan peace process not possible sans all regional partners’ commitment & cooperation

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Afghan peace process not possible sans all regional partners’ commitment & cooperation
 In UNSC’s meeting held last Thursday in New York, Afghanistan peace process was discussed.
A number of UNSC members considered regional partnership and its effective cooperation in Afghan peace process as key. Netherlands will take periodic chairmanship of UNSC in March.
Dutch Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Sigrid Kaag in UNSC meeting said peace could be built through inclusive negotiation led by Afghanistan government and this would not be possible without regional partners’ real commitment and cooperation.
“We can only build peace through inclusive negotiations led by the Afghan government. The right of instrument is in place: the Kabul Process is both an Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace and reconciliation mechanism. The international community should focus its energy on supporting the peace talks. Clearly, the solution has to be political. This won’t be possible without true commitment and constructive engagement of regional partners,” said Dutch Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Sigrid Kaag.
UNSC meeting on Afghanistan discussed on Afghan peace process after President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani delivered the government’s new peace plan days ago at the Kabul II conference.
At the Kabul II conference, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said Afghanistan government was ready to unconditionally hold peace talks with Taliban anywhere the group wants and the group would be then recognized as a political party. But, armed Taliban group has yet to react regarding Afghanistan government’s peace plan. Previously, Afghan Taliban group had asked for talks with US administration rather than the Afghan government.
Deputy Foreign Minister of Sweden Mrs. Annika Soder at the UN meeting asked the Taliban group to make use of the opportunity and join the Afghan-led peace process.
“Violence should be stopped by terrorist groups in Afghanistan as there is only a political solution to end dispute in the country. The Kabul II conference was held a week before and the Afghan government delivered an effective roadmap for peace negotiation at the conference. 
We are asking the Taliban group to show readiness for peace talks and we are hoping that regional players should take part towards peace efforts,” said Mrs. Annika Soder at the UNSC meeting.
Meanwhile, UNAMA Chief Tadamichi Yamamoto at a United Nations Security Council meeting on Afghanistan by pointing to Afghanistan government’s new peace plan said that the Taliban group should take a step forward and start direct peace talks with the Afghan government and end pain of the Afghan people.
At the UNSC meeting in New York, members of the council informed of a conference on Afghanistan. 
The conference will be hosted by UN and held on 28th Nov in Geneva of Swiss.
It is also determined that a conference on Afghanistan will be soon held in Tashkent, capital city of Uzbekistan.
The UN role in coordination of the international community’s assistance in Afghanistan and the organization’s work in security and peace issue is vital. Now war in Afghanistan is in deadlock, so it is necessary that the UN officials should make effort towards peace and starting peace talks between the government and armed opponent groups in Afghanistan.
Peace efforts and plans won’t succeed unless coordination and consensus are created among national, regional and international policies.
Therefore, the government of Afghanistan as official organs should follow peace process in national, regional and international dimensions.