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Ongoing war imposed on Afghan people, President Ghani

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Ongoing war imposed on Afghan people, President Ghani
 Afghanistan government says the ongoing war that has been imposed on Afghanistan people knows no principles.
The country’s President made the remarks during his speech at the inauguration ceremony of joint headquarter of Reaction Forces Unit of the National Directorate of Security (NDS) and Special Police Force Unit in Kabul, saying that leading body of the country’s security forces have been appointed based on national commitments and NDS was committed to the country’s big policies.
“The ongoing war that has been imposed on us has now changed to a brutal war that knows no principles; therefore, national security forces should further work in detection and neutralization of enemies’ attacks in the country,” said President Ghani.
A number of representatives of people in parliament and political experts believe that it is quite true that war in Afghanistan has been imposed on the people, so the international community should cooperate with Afghanistan government and people to end the war in the country.
“Although Afghanistan government has made serious effort towards counter terrorism and cooperated with international and regional countries in this regard, unfortunately lack of strong determination of the international community for freezing resources of terrorism has caused that efforts made by the Afghan government give on positive results,” said Hashimi, a member of Afghanistan parliament.
He stressed that Afghan leaders have repeatedly made it clear that terrorist groups were being supported and equipped beyond Afghanistan borders, but no considerable steps have been taken by the international community regarding rooting out such resources, adding that the threats of terrorism would continue in the world and region until serious steps not be taken towards terrorism resources in the region.
Meanwhile, officials for ministry of defense say armed insurgents and other terrorist groups will be soon rooted out if intelligence networks in the region stop providing safe havens and financial aids to the groups; therefore, it is necessary that the international community in particular the US administration should exert  further pressures on countries that are providing safe haven and financial aids to terrorist groups.
“There are various reasons for ongoing war in the country, but one of the reasons is the geopolitical location of Afghanistan as various countries in the region want our country to be a destabilized state and are not interested in helping the country to reach peace,” said Amir Mohammad, an Afghan political expert.
He stressed that lack of security in a number of provinces has raised serious concern although Afghan defense and security forces are making serious efforts to counter increasing security threats in the country and fortunately they have been able to defend the people and country.
It is worth mentioning that Afghanistan has faced with war believed to be imposed on the people of Afghanistan Although the Afghan government and international community have been making effort to end the war for the past 16 years, but providing safe havens and financial aids to terrorist groups by intelligence networks in the region have resulted in continuation of war in the country.