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Senate supports government’s proposed peace plan with opponent groups

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Senate supports government’s proposed peace plan with opponent groups
 The members of the senate while not considering Trump’s strategy useful for the region and Afghanistan and emphasizing that they support the peace plan proposed by the government of Afghanistan. Speaking to the Taliban, they say if you are independent for end of war and violence, you need to respond positively to the Afghan government’s peace plan.
Fazl Hadi Muslimyar, Senate speaker on the peace plan proposed by the government said that we have always supported peace in the country, because we consider domestic peace as an imperative and we hoped that the Taliban will hear the voices of the Afghan people and show readiness for peace talks.
“We do not want that peace to be dishonor for the Taliban, and the security forces are underestimated, and our people are eager that the Taliban to respond positively to the peace plan, and to negotiate, Muslimyar stated.
According to Muslimyar, attacks and the intensification of insecurities in various parts of the country indicate that either the Taliban are not committed to peace, or other individuals through the war are making efforts to neutralize the peace plan of the government.
Senate First Deputy, Mohammad Alam Izedyar in the connection said that peace is serious need of the people of Afghanistan, and every time the government provides plan for peace, the opponents are stepping up to kill our people. Therefore, in order to achieve peace, more pressures must be exerted on the Taliban and their supporters.
A number of senators believe that the Trump’s strategy is not effective for the region and Afghanistan, and the United States should specify its stance against Pakistan in order to help honestly Afghanistan in the peace process.”
Meanwhile a number of experts asserted that although maintaining of peace is Afghan government and people top priorities, but unfortunately, reaching to peace has become a dream.”
Ali Rahmani, a political affairs expert said since four decades, the war has dragging Afghanistan towards destruction and every day taking lives of our innocent citizens, so national and international consensus is require to realized peace and end  war in Afghanistan as well what is very important in this process is having a strong determination for a national consensus on Afghanistan’s peace.
Javed Kohistani, another expert in this regard said that since 14 years the government leaders made many efforts to bring peace in the country, but unfortunately many issues have prevented the peace process in Afghanistan. He stressed that one of the reasons why these efforts did not come to a conclusion is the lack of cooperation of neighboring countries, especially Pakistan, this country has repeatedly pledged to take steps to bring peace to Afghanistan, but unfortunately, no practical action has been taken in this regard. “Therefore, it is necessary to increase political pressures on Pakistan by the international community, so that this country to take honest and practical steps to bring peace in Afghanistan,” Kohistani went on to say. While, the Afghan government has been trying since 15 years, to explore areas in order to achieve a lasting peace, but unfortunately, the foreign interventions and lack of strong will by the international community to bring peace to Afghanistan, has made this effort do not have favorable results.