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Factors behind Taliban’s increasing war activity in west Afghanistan

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Factors behind Taliban’s increasing war activity in west Afghanistan

 Within these days Farah is the witness of hard clashes between defense and security forces of the country and Taliban grouping.

It is said that Anar Dara district of this provinces is capturing hand by hand between the men of Talban grouping and government security and defense forces. After short span of time, this district was conquered by the latters.
This was occurred in a time that few days before, in an ambush, the Taliban grouping martyred a number of defense and security forces including few number of commando unit personnel.
Likewise, in another event, in an ambush the Taliban individuals attacked on transport means of Farah governor and his accompanying personnel.
Despite governor of Farah rescued from ambush, but a number of his guardians were injured.
Apparently, this incident was the main motivation of Taliban in the threshold of new solar year while in the course of winter, they resorted to some suicide attacks and explosions in the cities from among them Kabul, such attack was unprecedented by them.
This caused some witnesses to regard it as sign of beginning of their precocious attacks in upcoming spring.
According to reports released by some media, Taliban has asserted that these assaults have been conducted by them in response to this assertion of government authorities that Taliban has no capability to fight face to face with their forces and to retaliate their defeats in battlefields, they resort to suicide attacks and explosions.
According to media reports, Taliban has said that they have capability to organize and perform their assaults in centers of security and defense forces. 
The witnesses in security affairs have another believe.
They say that this grouping is searching for establishment of a corridor to link south-western zone with west one and even with north west of the country.
Former governor of Farah when proclaimed his resignation, has asserted that Taliban is making effort to strengthen their relation with different parts of south-west with west and north-west of the country and are endeavoring to pave the way for the supplies and commuting of their individuals and prepare themselves for motivation of upcoming year. Farah province links the provinces of the Helmand, Neemroze in south west with provinces of Herat and Badghis in west and north-west as well as Ghor province in central Afghanistan.
If this grouping to establish a firm base in Farah province, they can easily link the aforementioned provinces by its individuals and supply them. This is the corridor that former governor of Farah Dr. Aref Shah Jahan spoke about it.
This is not the only reason for exacerbation of insecurities in Farah province, but the location of Farah in itinerary of transit of narco-trafficking towards Iran is also another factor behind their dirty goal.
Taliban whose war is funding more through narcotics, this force them search ways for marketing and smuggling of narcotics and Farah can play important role in the connection.
Someone also set forth this reason that like period of occupation of Afghanistan  by former Soviet Union Taliban with consultation of Pakistan generals are searching for control of border of Afghanistan and change it as their action area and expand their destructive and terrorist activities.
Within previous years, Taliban were active in south and east borders of Afghanistan and changed these areas as their operational ones and with making insecure the western borders of Afghanistan, in fact, this circle would complete.
Outside factors in insecurities of Farah 
Some witnesses regard outside hands stretched to Afghanistan as main factor in making insecure Farah province.
These witnesses believe the hands of Pakistan and Islamic Republic of Iran are involved in exacerbation of destructive activities of Taliban.
These analysts reasoned that Pakistan and Islamic Republic of Iran are dissatisfied from TAPI project each of one these countries are making effort to face this project with difficulty.  The aim of Pakistan for foiling of this projects in to exert blow to government of Afghanistan and make insecure this country and second nation wants this project pass via its own geography.
Similarly, establishment and strengthening of relation between Taliban grouping and Islamic Republic of Iran under the pretext of security concern and prevention from possible influence of Daesh grouping from Afghanistan fiefdom that within recent years reflected time and again through some domestic and international media, some in-charges from among them former governor of Farah spoke in the connection and linked insecurity in Farah with security institutions of Iran and even it was claimed that Taliban grouping is funded and armed by institution of Iran, the issue that the in-charges in Islamic Republic of Iran from among them ambassador of that country in Afghanistan refuted it.
Some representatives of Farah in parliament regard exacerbation of insecurity in Farah dissatisfaction of Iran form construction of water dams in this province that were flowing to that country.
According to these MPs and some international media, the officials of Iran speak in some conferences about crisis of water in this country this caused some social problems in that country.
Few days ago, the people of Yezd province clashed with security forces of that country because of opposing with the project flows water of this province to Isfahan.
Prior to this, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Hassan Rohani in a conference of environment held in Tehran has asserted that they don’t permit neighboring country, Afghanistan to construct dams in rivers are flowing to Iran and harm agriculture and environment in their country.
What is the solution:
People’s deputies in parliament and analysts in security affairs expressing their concern about incidents occur in this province propose to government to investigate the Farah situation as soon as possible and said continuation of crisis will cause the fall of this province in near future.
They believe lack of effective measure for safeguarding of the districts and shortcoming in the forces quartered there will cause the statue quo.
President Ghani also spoke in regard with existence of corruption as well as about no access of soldiers into timely food and logistic items especially for those who are fighting in forefronts of battlefields and pledged hereafter such issue would not be occurred.
It is proposed that considering the importance of regions, effective measures should be adopted including sufficient replacement of forces along with enough weapons, means and equipments.
Necessary coordination should be established among personnel of different institutions, governance should be improved for rendering services for citizens and corruption should be up-rooted and the ties between people and government organs should be maintained in a good manner.