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NATO, UNSC ask Taliban to accept Afghanistan peace offer

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NATO, UNSC ask Taliban to accept Afghanistan peace offer
 NATO and UNSC officials while considering Afghanistan peace plan as clear and unprecedented stressed that Taliban should accept the Afghan government peace offer.
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in his recent remarks in Brussels has said Afghanistan government’s peace offer is the clearest invitation to the Taliban and that they should make use of the opportunity and join the process.
“I commend President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani for his courageous leadership. His offer to the Taliban is the clearest invitation to peace yet. So I call on the Taliban to come to the negotiating table. There is an opportunity now to end the conflict and build a more secure and prosperous Afghanistan. An opportunity that must be utilized,” Stoltenberg said.
He added they would continue their military pressure on the Taliban to prevent the reaching any strategic goal, saying that as a result of military pressure, Taliban were unable to take control of even one provincial capital in 2017.
Meanwhile, United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has also issued a statement in which they asked the Taliban group to accept the Afghan government’s peace offer.
The UNSC by welcoming the peace plan offered by Afghanistan government asked the Taliban group to sit in negotiations with the Afghan government to end the war and violence in the country.
Members of the UNSC have also stressed on importance of the Afghan-owned and Afghan-led peace process.
A number of Afghan experts and ordinary people believe that now there are various ways for the Taliban group to join peace process. They asked the group to stop war and violence in the country and accept the government’s peace offer.
“No processes in particular peace process can be succeeded without honest cooperation of neighboring countries as maintaining peace in Afghanistan can put positive impacts on regional countries. If the Taliban group wants to take part in all development fields in the country, they should come and join peace process,” said Aminzoy, an Afghan political expert.
He added that peace could be maintained in the country when supporting environment would be created as recent offer made by Afghanistan government has been supported by the international community, which was a good move towards peace in the country. Akram Andishmand, another Afghan political expert, believes that the people of Afghanistan do not trust on commitments made by foreign countries in particular Pakistan and such processes won’t be succeeded unless Taliban sit in negotiating table, start direct talks with Afghanistan government and share their visions for peace in the country.
He added that the Taliban group did not accept the Afghan government peace offer, the international community in particular US put further military pressures on the group.
It is worth mentioning that three weeks ago President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani made an offer to the Taliban, but to date, the group has not responded.