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Strong forces’ co-ordination helps overcome insurgency

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Strong forces’ co-ordination helps overcome insurgency
 The experiences gained from combat activities and promotion of professional activities in security units and organs is indicator of the fact that combat activities and mopping-up operations of armed forces are full of achievements in a time that in complete co-ordination and allout observation of joint efforts among forces be organized.
This means that each one of rows of the said forces promote their duties according to military instructions and guidances and don’t permit enemy with using of terrain, climate or with using the ordinary peoples’ houses and with shielding of people, to fire on security and defense forces of our country and make weaken their morale and finally prevail in battlefield.
It should be mentioned that with prevailing of such state within clearing operations only strengthening of co-ordination and joint effort among different forces including domestic and foreign ones can prevent from enemy’s assault and their penetration into defense rows and their firing on military posts of our country.
With strengthening of security forces and creating of coordination among them the enemy loses their courage to attack on their posts.
In fact, this coordination and joint effort is indicator of joint activities of defense and security forces from technical and professional point of view.
For example: in the areas the security forces including domestic and foreign ones with performing of combat activities with the support of tanks and other artillery units and with using of intelligence information in front lines, with such coordination the enemies come into besiege of security and defence forces and complete defeat is awaiting for them.
No doubt, such coordination and strengthening of joint effort is the indicator of unity and oneness of security and defence forces of our country that with continuation and resorting to such experience and roadmaps, healthy use of joint effort ended into success of our forces in any climate and terrain condition.
But, if complete coordination be organized among forces include of combat activities, crashing blows would be inflicted on enemies and vice versa.

In combat activities of security and defence forces took place last week in Farah province, because of not necessary coordination among forces including military and security forces and national security forces, they faced with some disorders and were in state of defense.  This also caused the martyrdom and injuries of a great number of forces including national army and police.
So, such considerations and the impact on non-coordination and paying less attention towards behind front line and far from district or those who were inside of the Farah city didn’t defend timely the soldiers fighting with the enemies. According to MPs, paying less attention was the factor of occurrence of tragedy in Anar Dara and Balablook districts of Farah province.
Mostly the combat and mopping-up operations of security forces that have meager achievement, one of the factors behind the same is existence of weak coordination and lack of joint effort among security forces including domestic and foreign ones.
It should be said that with strengthening of coordination and joint efforts among forces involving in combat activities against the enemy can get considerable achievements and inflict heavy blows on the enemy.  Considering the privileges of coordination and joint effort of forces, in a security meeting held recently, president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani laid emphasize and has suggested that the only roadmap for access to success through security forces is strengthening of coordination and joint  effort of these forces, if this method further be strengthened, much successes would be achieved by security forces. The president emphasized with single leadership and joint efforts of forces much achievements would be gained with oppressing of enemy. Because, with holding coordination and joint effort among forces including domestic and foreign ones, the enemy forces would halter completely and come under crashing blows. The areas under enemy’s control clear completely and face with scattering and success would achieve by security forces of our country.