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Afghan border forces authorized to respond Pakistan shelling

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Afghan border forces authorized to respond Pakistan shelling
 Continuation of cross-border artillery shelling by Pakistan on eastern parts of Afghanistan has raised concerns. Officials to ministry of defense say Afghan border forces have been authorized to respond any kind of Pakistan’s cross-border shelling.
“Afghan security forces do not need to wait for order of Afghanistan ministry of defense. They are authorized to respond Pakistan’s artillery shelling on eastern parts of Afghanistan,” said Gen. Dawlat Waziri, a spokesperson to ministry of defense.
He stressed that Afghanistan government has shared the issue of cross-border artillery shelling of Pakistan with UN, US and the international community and continually asked the Pakistan government to stop cross-border shelling on eastern parts of Afghanistan.
Waziri believes that currently Pakistan is under pressures of the international community and continuation of the country’s border-shelling on Afghanistan soil might increase the world’s pressures on Pakistan.
Meanwhile, a number of Afghan experts believe that Afghanistan government should be serious and make a complaint to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).
“Unfortunately Pakistan has paved the way for its interferences and infiltration in Afghanistan for the past few decades by opening its borders to refugees. During the past few decades, Pakistani strategists have changed policy and followed their strategic policy over Afghanistan,” said Jamal Farahmand, an Afghan political expert.
He added that after victory of mujahidin and later on supporting Taliban, Pakistan’s policies had been based on its strategic policy.
“After 2001, Pakistan was asked for serious cooperation in counter terrorism as the country had no options except cooperating with the world in fighting against terrorism, but the country has never stopped to reach its strategic goals over Afghanistan,” Farahmand asserted.
He added that although the Afghan government has continually asked Pakistan to prevent from cross-border shelling on some parts of Afghanistan, unfortunately the neighboring country paid no attention to this issue; therefore, the Afghan government should seriously share the issue with the international community in particular the US and UNSC.
Amir Mohammad, another Afghan expert, says during the past 16 years, neither Afghanistan government has been able to manage its relations with Pakistan based on mutual respect and common interests nor the international community able to make Pakistan honestly cooperate in counter terrorism effort. 
He added that currently tensions between the two countries have expanded as mutual accusations, closing borders by Pakistan and continued cross-border shelling on eastern parts of Afghanistan were signs that Pakistan wanted to reach its goals.
One of the most significant goals of Pakistan is solution of the Durand Line issue as the line is considered as core of all gaps between the two countries.
In circumstances that Afghanistan is facing with insecurities and domestic gaps, the move is considered as unilateral solution of the issue by Pakistan. Therefore, it is better that the Afghan government should take a clear step towards permanent solution of the problem so that tensions in border areas between the two countries will be resolved through diplomatic channels.
Meanwhile, US and other world countries that are fighting against terrorism should further exert pressures on Pakistan so that the country will honestly cooperate in counter terrorism and stop interfering in internal affairs of Afghanistan.