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Women should be given role in peace talks with Taliban

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Women should be given role in peace talks with Taliban
 Foreign newspapers focused on Afghanistan’s situation, peace talks between Afghanistan government and Taliban, the US longest war in Afghanistan and suicide attack on Shiite shrine on first day of New Year.
US Today newspaper focused on women role in peace talks with the Taliban groups.
According to the newspaper, Afghanistan – Taliban peace talks must include women negotiators so that they can defend their rights. The newspaper wrote that Afghan women have long feared that negotiators for a peace agreement with the Taliban would trade away women’s rights for the chance to end more than 16 years of war. This apprehension may soon be tested.
Based the newspaper, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani recently affirmed that women must be part of any peace process with the Taliban. Now it’s up to Afghan leaders, the United States and other stakeholders to ensure that Afghan women have a seat at the table and an opportunity to help bring peace and security to Afghanistan.
The National Interest has written on Afghanistan security and US role in the region. The newspaper has written that threats by al Qaeda, IS-Khurasan and Haqqani Network have made US change its policy in counter terrorism in Afghanistan.
According to the newspaper, in deteriorating situation of Afghanistan, US should have a trustable host and partner in the country so that terrorist leaders could be targeted along with their colleagues. Currently, Afghan Special Forces are the most pioneers forces in targeting terrorist hideouts in the country.
Foreign Affairs wrote on Afghan peace talks and the US long war in Afghanistan.
According to the magazine, every day, 15,000 U.S. forces deployed in Afghanistan fight Washington’s longest war. In 2018, their mission will cost Americans $45 billion in defense spending alone, almost enough to build U.S. President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall with Mexico twice. Trump, who had campaigned on getting the United States out of Afghanistan, was well positioned to change course. Instead, he sent more troops to pursue a military victory that will never come.
The Washington Post focused on a suicide attack that killed and injured dozens of innocent Afghans on first day of new year in Kabul.
According to The Washington Post, it was the most recent attack on shrine of Shiite in Afghanistan and could be considered as effort for sectarian violence between Sunni and Shiite in the country.
The Washington Post has written that while Hazara and Shiite leaders insist that they would not be intimidated and did not blame their plight on Sunni Afghans, the rising violence has taken a toll on the community’s nerves.
 The newspaper has published remarks of Javed Kazemi, 60, a resident passing the site of the blast between the shrine and the Kabul University campus. “Poor people are dying. Why doesn’t Ghani order terrorists to be hanged?,” said Kazemi. Daesh has claimed responsibility for the attack, while Taliban has rejected its involvement in the attack.