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On time election a must

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On time election a must
 Holding of parliamentary and presidential elections on due time is a must and inevitable. According to president, the NUG obliges itself to provide essential resources for holding of elections, secure it and prevent interference by everybody specially security forces, civil administrations and political circles.
Based on IEC announcement, parliamentary and district councils’ elections would be held on July 07.2018 in one hand and according to constitution, the presidential elections must be held in spring of 2019 namely less than 13 months on the other.  
Last week, the US ambassador in Kabul had also emphasized on holding of election on due time. In an exclusive interview with media, John Bass said the Afghan government should hold election on due time.
But some civil society bodies who are working in the election field said that taking into account the activities of electoral bodies, holding of house and districts’ councils elections on due time seems unlikely.
Addressing media, the chairman of FIFA Yusuf Rashid said that if these elections are not held on due time it may negatively affect holding date of presidential elections.
At the same time, Jandad Spinghar one of experts of election affairs said since the voter’s registration stage has not been started and no steps are taken on preventing of electoral frauds and violations, holding of elections of house and district councils on July 07.2018 is impossible. But he was optimist on holding of the elections next year.
Spinghar added, “Lack of reliable security and no political consensus, are other problems ahead of upcoming elections. Although the president has already assured prevention of interference in elections affairs but electoral observers are concerned on foreign interference in elections.
The house speaker Abdurrauf Ibrahimi said that delay in upcoming parliamentary and district councils elections are unacceptable.
But chairman and some members of IEC have recently talked on a three months suspension of these elections. But Ibrahimi added that if suspension of election is for better transparency, it would be good otherwise it would not be acceptable.
Some law makers criticize quality of preparations for preparing of voters’ list and registration of polling stations. Law maker Osman Farahi said that those employees who are tasked for distribution of national IDs for preparing the list of voters, cannot go to rural areas due to security challenges as this problem exists in a distance of 5 km to the center of most districts. So how ID would be distributed to people to attend elections. Reginal employees don’t report to center on ground realities in their relevant areas and local officials of IEC decide on holding of elections contrary to existing realities.
The upper house said that it would question IEC offcials on their preparations for holding of elections.