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‘Govt. has strong commitment to fight corruption’

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‘Govt. has strong commitment to fight corruption’
Corruption is the phenomenon that would face the country’s development with challenges. Therefore, all national and international organizations should be mobilized to uproot the menace.
The government of Afghanistan stresses that it has strong determination to eradicate corruption in the country.
Recently, President Ghani said the government of Afghanistan was committed to fight corruption.
Welcoming the government steps on fighting corruption, a number of lawmakers stressed that the government’s leaders should make effort to win the people trust.
A member of justice and judicial commission of Wolesi Jirga, Mohammad Abduh said, “However, the government of Afghanistan has seriously stepped up to fight corruption over the last years, but unfortunately, still, Afghanistan is among the corrupt countries of the world.”
But, what is hopeful to the people of Afghanistan is that the government spares no effort to uproot the menace, he further said.
A senator, Gul Ahmad Azemi said, “All national and international organizations should cooperate with the government of Afghanistan to remove the phenomenon, because, if the government fails to fight corruption, it would lose its trust before the donor countries.”
At the same time a number of experts said, to restore rule of law and justice, the government should seriously fight corruption.
Mohammad Hashimi, a university lecturer and political expert said, “Establishment of justice and judicial organ, fighting corruption strategy and overseeing the process are among the steps that can follow suitable results.” 
He believes that lack of implementation of law, economic crises, capital evasion, brain drain and decreasing donor assistances are among the issues originate from corruption.   
The experts believe fighting corruption would not be effective unless the related organizations seriously step up in this regard and practice punishment and reward culture. Law should be equally applied on all, he added.
Safia Hamnawa, a member of the civil society network, stated that corruption will face all the advances and programs of the government with challenge, therefore, the eradication of corruption needs NUG leaders strong and serious efforts in the country, because the international community, especially the donor countries  to Afghanistan have always been emphasizing on decisive fight against corruption.
This is while that many fighting corruption administrations have been established over the last fourteen years, but still none of them could bring any corrupt powerful individual to justice.