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Stalemate broken, as Noor finally convinced to quit

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Stalemate broken, as Noor finally convinced to quit
 The President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, finally succeeded to break the deadlock in Balkh province leadership, after accepting some of Ata Mohammad Noor’s proper conditions.
One of the conditions, the ex-governor presented, was his possible replacement with one of his favorite characters, which was approved by the country’s president, in order to put an end to the three months’ political stalemate and strengthen the country’s national unity.
Mohammad Zaher Aryan, The Kabul Times freelance reporter has sent the following details about report from the introduction ceremony of the newly appointed governor, Mohammad Ishaq Rahguzar:
Ata Mohammad Noor, who was speaking at ceremony said the main aim of his decision to quit as the disputable governor of the northern key port province, was an observation of the law and strengthening of the national unity.
He said his achievements as Balkh Governor, over the last 14 years, was clear and tangible for everyone, hoping they could be registered with the public media of national and international archive.
The resigned governor, Noor told hundreds of people attended at the introduction ceremony, that he has accepted the appointment of Mohammad Ishaq Rahguzar, as the Balkh governor for what he said to obey the order of “High Presidential Office order and that of the Chief Executive.”
He congratulated Rahguzar’s appointment as the newly governor and wished success on his way to keep the province more secure and serve the people.
Meanwhile, Mohammad Ishaq Rahguzar spoke in the ceremony thanking the government and the nation for their trust in him to give him the job as the key northern Balkh provincial governor.
According to The KT freelance journalist, the governor pledged to do more for security of the province and serving the country.
The governor also promised to ensure justice in the province and work for the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.
Some other speakers also appeared in the ceremony, with Salam Rahimi, head of the Presidential Office, conveying the message of President Ghani, in which a verse of Pashto famous poet, Rahman Baba was quoted, the concept of which is: “If we tolerate each other, we, both will win, but, in case, we reject each other, both of us would be the losers.”  
Rahimi also narrated another point of the country’s president as saying: “Both the government and the nation are in cooperation and coordination with each other, can overcome any stalemates and reach victory.”
Mohammad Afzal Hadid, Balkh Provincial Council Chief also asked the newly appointed governor to remain committed in implementation of law among the Balkhi people.  Common people of the province, in briefing with The KT reporter, expressed their pleasure over the agreement between the Presidential Office and the Balkh leadership and expressed hope for more to be done in welfare and prosperity of the people, under a peaceful environment.