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US diplomat says Iran is logistically supporting armed Taliban in Afghanistan

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US diplomat says Iran is logistically supporting armed Taliban in Afghanistan
 A US senior diplomat to Kabul says Iran is supporting and helping armed Taliban. But, Afghanistan ministry of defense says this issue needs further investigation.
“Afghanistan wants to collect evidence and documents in this regard and once we complete our investigation, the issue will be shared with media,” said Gen. Mohammad Radmanish, acting spokesperson to MoD.
US ambassador to Kabul John Bass in an interview with BBC has said Iran was providing logistical assistance to the Taliban group in Afghanistan and the support was provided through Iran’s security forces.  Bass warned that continuing war in Afghanistan could destabilize Iran’s eastern borders.
“In consideration to presence of representatives of US and Iran in Kabul Process II and Iran’s declaration for supporting Afghanistan’s peace offer, it seems that there are common interests between the two countries for ending war in Afghanistan, but to tell the truth, it is astonishing points in Iran’s decisions that from one side it supports the Afghan peace process and on the other hand, they are supporting the Taliban groups in Afghanistan,” Bass added.
Previously, a number of members of Afghanistan parliament and ordinary people in the country’s west had always informed of Iran’s cooperation with the Taliban group. Even reports quoting a number of Afghan parliamentarians said that Iran was providing Russian-made arms and ammunitions to Taliban in Afghanistan’s western provinces.
Nevertheless, Iranian ambassador to Kabul Mohammad Raza Bahrami has reacted to recent remarks of the US ambassador to Kabul and asked the US ambassador to provide document and evidence of Iran’s support to Afghanistan government.
Mohammad Gul Mujahid, an Afghan military expert, believes that Iran has hand in insecurities in Afghanistan. He added that Iran is making effort to prevent from implementation of big projects in Afghanistan.
“A number of individuals are being supported by Iran in Afghanistan as the country by creating insecurity wants to prevent from implementation of TAPI, construction of Bakshabad dam, Salma and other key dams and uplift projects in Afghanistan,” Mujahid added.
Iran has been repeatedly accused of interference in internal affairs of Afghanistan. Previously, the country had expressed concern over presence of Daesh in Afghanistan and considered increasing presence of the terrorist group as threat to security of the region.
Although Iran has always rejected its hand in insecurities of Afghanistan, a representative of Herat people in lower house of parliament says Iran’s involvement in insecurities in Afghanistan is considerable and is continuing its involvement through various channels.
Iran has been also accused of creating instability  and increasing sectarian tensions in a number of countries in the Middle East and the US administration says that Iran’s such moves are against national interests of the regional countries.