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Helmand activists’ go on anger strike for ceasefire

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Helmand activists’ go on anger strike for ceasefire
 Food strike of a number of Helmand residents for peace and protest on war continued on Friday too. These Helmand residents both men and women said that their strike would be continued until at least two days case fire is observed. 
Talking to VOA, one of the protestors Iqbal Khyber said, they received a message from Taliban faction the other day in which the protestors were asked they should launch this popular movement first with foreign forces before talks with Taliban in Shorab and Kandahar airport to prevent air strikes.
Khyber added, they would continue their food strikes until their demands are met.
The local authorities in Helmand went to protestors’ tent and promised a truce.Spokesmen’s of acting Helmand governor Mujahedullah Safi said he supports efforts of Afghan government for intra-Afghan dialogue. In respect to food strike, we support this popular move and say yes to demand of cease fire. If the armed Taliban want to make cease fire with mediation of this popular move or talk, the government is ready unconditionally. Every time that they were ready to negotiation and protesters request cease fire, we would accept them immediately.
A number of residents of Helmand province in southern Afghanistan in protest to ongoing violence’s in this province and support of peace setup a tent and went to food strike.
The Helmand protestors were expected on Thursday to rally from provincial capital Lashkargah to areas occupied by Taliban in Musa Qala district but Taliban told them not to inter their occupied areas.
Taliban told the protestors instead to rally towards their occupied areas should rally against foreign force’s based.
Talking to New York Times on recent violences in Helmand, while his eyes were tearful, Qais Hashimi one of the protest organizers of this encamp said, you warring factions have made living difficult. Whether ending the life of a human being is not the work of Allah? Who are you that eliminate people? You suicide yourself and kill 20 others too.
Women are also among the protesters. One of them Hassina Ehsas said, women from 14 districts of Helmand have gathered in protest against violence and war under this encamp in Lashkargah. No government and political individual exists among these protesting women.
Hassina Ehsas added, we take the veil of Pashtoon women to waring factions and request them to make peace. We women are the main victims of war. Our sons, husbands and brothers are killed in this war.
Although prohibiting of Taliban since the beginning of the rally caused the protestors’ anger and disappointment, but it seems that the protestors with beginning of food strike would continue their insistence for implementation of their demands.
A school director and one of the protestors Sarwar Ghafar said, in every mosque (area) of both warning factions, funeral is organized, why? Because of our silence. Oh, people if you continue your silence, you would remain slave.
In the wake of a suicide attack near Ghazi Ayoub Khan sport stadium in Lashkargah on Friday, at least 14 people were killed and over 40 injured and current protest was started. According to local authorities, the victims were all civilians who had gathered to watch a wrestling competition organized for celebration of new solar year festival the victims included children too.