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Dividing Afghanistan geography brings no peace

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Dividing Afghanistan geography brings no peace
 Suggestion on establishment of secure regions by leader of HIA Gulbuddin Hekmatyar to Taliban leaders and militants, was strongly faced with serious disagreements. Wide ranges of people including politicians, lawmakers and ordinary citizens disagreed with it and called it a plan for disintegration of Afghanistan.
Some experts, political and civil society activists calling the creation of a security zone and a reliable area for permanent influence of Pakistan so she would follow its strategic objectives in Afghanistan and the region. Former Afghan chief spy Amrullah Saleh in his facebook, called Hekmatyar led HIA a plan similar to Gandomak treaty which was later culminated to Durand Treaty.
Saleh wrote that in that time, the Britishers provoked a riot in trible areas and later told the Kabul rulers that for ensuring security and facilitating collecting of taxes, they create a security zone in those areas. Ultimately this plan resulted in loosing of fertile territories of Afghanistan.
Gulbuddin Hekmatyar who was addressing a press conference on Saturday in Kabul, asked the Taliban to agree an entra-Afghantalks, Taliban office be opened in Kabul and discussion to take place on creation of secure zones for Taliban leaders and their families in these talks.
Hekmatyar added, in these zones, Taliban leaders and their families would be living in peace, neither would be followed nor attacked from air.
Based on Hekmatyar suggestion, control of secure zones would take place with both sides agreement by both sides acceptable individuals and their security would be ensured by both sides acceptable forces. Based on this plan, government and opponents forces should not exist in these zones.
Hekmatyar added that other political parties should not disagree with this draft. Although the Afghan government has not reacted on Hekmatyar suggestion but the acting presidential spokesman Shah Hussein Mortazavi without touching Hekmatyar plan, said that the Afghan government in second Kabul process meeting on Feb 28.2018 had submitted a comprehensive plan to talks and reconciliation with Taliban and would continue its peace efforts within this plan.
Mortazavi added, peace agreement of Afghan government with Hekmatyar led HIA is a distinguished sample of government determination on ensuring peace in the country and in case the Taliban be interested to join peace process, peace doors are open to them. As the government reached agreement with HIA, it could reach agreement with Taliban too.   It implicates from Mortazavi statement that there is no plan for establishment of secure zones for Taliban and the Afghan government would continue peace efforts according to peace road map presented in second Kabul process conference.
Although Hekmatyar has claimed that he has submitted his suggestion to president Ghani and is awaiting its official confirmation by the president. But suppose this suggestion has been presented to president, it looks unlikely that it would be accepted by president and the Afghan government.
Either during presidential elections or after reaching power, president Ghani has always been emphasizing on elimination of power islands, its unlikely to agree with creation of a new and potentially dangers power islands from which the odor of Afghanistan disintegration is smelt.
Plan on creation of secure zones is in fact a soft plan for handing over of management of provinces and a part of Afghanistan geography to armed groups supported by Pakistan. Pakistan army and notorious spy agency of I.S.I strongly tried in the last at least two years to withdraw control of some southern provinces of Afghanistan and hand them over to their Taliban mercenaries.
After occupation of White House by Republicans, the US military, political pressures have increased on Pakistan and US assistance have practically been suspended to that country. President Trump administration asks Pakistan to destroy Taliban save heavens in its territory and pressurize Taliban leaders to become ready to talk with the Afghan government.
The US considers Haqqani network responsible for killing of tens American and NATO soldiers in Afghanistan and asks Pakistan to act against this terror network. But Pakistan has always rejected sheltering of Taliban and Haqqani network leaders and claimed that all their leaders are inside Afghanistan.
One of the objectives of Pakistan army and I.S.I in the last two years was to withdraw control of certain Afghan provinces from the hands of government and relocate Taliban councils into Afghanistan. But this nasty plan of Pakistan was failed by ANSDF and no province collapsed.
Suggestion on creation of so-called “Secure Zones” for Taliban could be the continuation of failed Pakistan plan. This plan is a dangerous plan for a united Afghanistan and frankly deteriorates security challenges.
A puppet and so-called peace at the price of dividing of Afghanistan geography and beginning of a new phase of conflicts is not acceptable to Afghan people.