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Russian envoy rejects Moscow’s logistic aids to Taliban

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Russian envoy rejects Moscow’s logistic aids to Taliban
 Russia’s special envoy to Afghanistan has dismissed claims by NATO general commander that Moscow has provided arms and weapons to the Taliban for years.
In an interview with the BBC last week, Gen. Nicholson, the top US commander in Afghanistan, said that while the US and Russia share interests in Afghanistan, “We’ve had weapons brought to this headquarters and given to us by Afghan leaders and they said this was given by Russians to the Taliban.”
“Clearly, they are acting to undermine our interests,” he said.
It is not the first time NATO general commander to Afghanistan has accused Moscow for arming Afghan Taliban and providing them with logistic aids. In the past the US army general to Afghanistan and a number of politicians have also commented on this issue and said that Russia might support the Afghan Taliban by sending them arms and ammunitions, but no precision evidence has been delivered in this regard so far.
Rejecting the US army commander’s claims, Zamir Kabelov, Russian envoy to Afghanistan, said at a news briefing in Moscow on March 29 that the Taliban had been able to buy all the weapons it needs illegally from the Afghan government and police, and Russia had also refused to give the militants money for arms purchases.
In that request, the Russian representative replied, “Sorry, we have no money”, Kabelov told the press conference in Moscow.
“They [Taliban] say they wouldn’t mind if we gave them weapons, but they don’t need weapons. They say ‘give us money, we’re buying weapons from the stocks of the Afghan army and police’,” Kabelov said.
“They laughed at the rumors that they receive ammunition from Pakistan. It was in the Soviet times - as they say - the Mujahideen was delivered weapons, and now they buy everything they need in Afghanistan,” he added.
But, Kabelov by accepting Moscow contacts to the Taliban said that Russia’s contacts with the Taliban had been aimed at ensuring the safety of Russian citizens in Afghanistan and encouraging the Taliban to join peace talks.”We established the contacts a few years ago when we became seriously worried about possible terror threats for the Russian mission and Russian citizens in Afghanistan,” he said.
Taliban have yet to say something in this regard.
Afghanistan ministries of defense and interior in reaction to remarks of Russian officials in connection with selling weapons by Afghan national security forces said: “It’s baseless – if Afghan security forces were selling weapons to the Taliban, they would not give sacrifice. This is the policy of the region to say such baseless words. We have no such incidents.”
Meanwhile, acting spokesperson to ministry of defense Gen. Mohammad Radmanish say all weapons are registered and selling weapons by the country’s defense forces is not logical. 
“We’re fully rejecting this baseless claim made by the Russian envoy. Such remarks are rumors and unacceptable,” Radmanish added.
On the other hand, Tajikistan has also dismissed Nicholson’s statement and called it deeply regrettable.
Afghanistan and Tajikistan share a roughly 1,300 kilometer border,most of which is in rugged terrain and is poorly protected. Currently the porous border between the two countries is a major concern for both governments as drug-traffickers and armed groups are active.