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Holding international, regional conferences & their impacts on Afghanistan situations

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Holding international, regional conferences & their impacts on Afghanistan situations
 So far, numerous conferences were held in connection with peace process, counter terrorism and fighting against narcotics as well as expansion of economic ties among regional and world nations with Afghanistan. But what was the impacts of these conferences and their achievements for Afghanistan and the role played by regional countries, The Kabul Times reporter interviewed with a number of witnesses, people’s deputies and institutions of civil society that are presented hereunder:
Head of convention of civil society institutions of Afghanistan, Aziz Rafiee in the connection said that in my opinion the international and regional conferences can be important as a whole for Afghanistan especially in a time that Afghanistan is in the focal point of world meetings. Because, now, the issue of Afghanistan is discussing as an regional and ultra-regional issue and the government of Afghanistan should benefit from these opportunities and make effort to take positive utility from them for the solution of present problems, challenges especially ensuring peace and stability and counter terrorism.
While criticizing from impact of regional and international conferences on Afghanistan, Rafiee added that as much we establish a regional dependency in such a scale, we can reach to peace.
But, unfortunately we didn’t establish regional dependency so far. For example: Afghanistan is depended on Pakistan on its borders and its ports. But what Pakistan is needed from Afghanistan, it is uncertained so far. Until we don’t solve these dependencies, we would not reach to peace.
In regard with the role of regional and world nations in solving of present disputes of Afghanistan, Rafiee asserted that in fact, any sort of regional dependency can establish an international dependency as well.
How much we be close in the region in such a scale we can be close in the world too.
Executive head of “Nai”or supporter of media, Mujib Khelwatgar expressing his considerations about impact of regional and international conferences on Afghanistan stated that the international and regional conferences would have a certain title that to have a regional and ultra-regional consensus behind. This would be useful and effective either for domestic or international policies of the nations. But what is very important in the connection is political determination before those policies’ achievements.
When this political determination be unstable, their results would also have no impact.
Khelwatgar emphasized that within recent 17 years, we were present in much national and international conferences. Either these conferences were held on rehabilitation and expansion of economic relations or counterterrorism. When we attend in such conferences with a regular and coordinated program, no doubt, these conferences would have good result and vice versa.
Why regional and international conferences have no practical aspects for  ensuring peace and counterterrorism in Afghanistan, Khelwatgar responded that the only conference that brought positive result for Afghanistan in this time was the Tokyo conference because of people’s support. But now, the conferences would have positive results for the people of Afghanistan that in long-term and short-term practical steps be taken. 
He stated that the roadmaps that would be effective for the future of Afghanistan and cause a durable peace for this country is having political determination inside of the system, execution of commitments made by the involved sides in Afghanistan issues, understanding with civil institutions and people of Afghanistan, saying goodbye with any tribal, lingual and racial discriminations and as a whole we should attend in conferences representing from one geography in the name of Afghanistan till bear positive result for the tomorrow stable Afghanistan.
At the same time, the lecturer of faculty of economy of Kabul university, Saifuddin Saihoon believes that if these conferences had effective role why so far, terrorism is expanding in region and in the world? Why the narcotics yield reaches to nine million tons in Afghanistan and insecurities are continuing? These are the queries that remained unsolved for the people of Afghanistan.
Saihoon added that these conferences had no results for Afghanistan.
Similarly, such conferences in national and international levels had been held in connection with Palestine that borne no result.
If the world nations want to see a stable and peaceful Afghanistan based on the decisions made in these conferences, political pressures should be exerted on the countries who support terrorism.
This lecturer of KU says that till institutions and formations are active in Afghanistan not to act collectively against opponent groupings who are fighting against lawful government of Afghanistan and not to be defeated and their hands not to be shortened from their interests , the shortages would continue.
Saihoon regards existence of extremist groups in the region, interferences of neighboring countries especially Pakistan in internal affairs of Afghanistan, stretching of neighboring countries’ hands in the issue of Afghanistan, lack of joint determination in counterterrorism in national and international levels are the factors that caused the conferences to bring no necessary result in the connection.