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Over 4,000 air strikes conducted by AAF in 1396

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Over 4,000 air strikes conducted by AAF in 1396
 In recent years, Afghan Air Forces’ work in counterterrorism effort is appreciable as they have played key role in most of air operations against armed insurgents in the country.
In an exclusive interview with The Kabul Times correspondent, acting spokesperson to Ministry of Defense (MoD) Gen. Mohammad Radmanish said: “Fortunately Afghan Air Forces (AAF) are now taking part in most of operations against armed insurgents across the country as the air forces have conducted over 4,000 air strikes and have had good achievements in the past one years.
“Our pilots are now very professional as US has provided close cooperation to AAF in both equipping and training of the Afghan air personnel. The US has also provided military air fighters to AAF so they can independently conduct air strikes and help Afghan ground forces in areas facing with threats of armed insurgents,” said Radmanish.
He stressed that Afghan air forces have now aircrafts with modern equipment installed on them and provide air support to Afghan forces in ground, adding that A-29 Super Tucano aircrafts are playing vital role in targeting positions and havens of armed insurgents and are the best aircrafts for close air support operations.

Considering work of Afghan Air Forces as effective in war on terrorism, acting spokesperson to ministry of defense added recently Afghan Air Forces have used laser-guided bomb against a Taliban target, marking the first time the AAF has dropped a laser-guided bomb in combat.
Nevertheless, the MoD spokesperson stressed that Afghan Air Forces still needed further equipment and training as well as modern aircrafts, saying that fortunately the international community in particular US have promised to cooperate in this regard.
In connection with programs and plans that are underway for enhancement of AAF capacity, Gen. Radmanish said: “Nearly 320 Afghan pilots are under training in various countries as Czech, US, UAE and Turkey. Moreover, more than 200 students are receiving air engineering and air technique at Air University in Afghanistan.”
He added that MoD was determined to make use of all means for suppressing and annihilating of terrorist groups by further training and providing modern equipment to AAF so that they could provide close air support to forces in ground.
Acting spokesperson to ministry of defense also assured of maintaining security of the upcoming elections, saying that ANA in cooperation with other security organs are trying to provide better security for holding elections in the country so that the people can cast votes in a peaceful environment.
Related to aircrafts and helicopters that have been provided by US and India recently to AAF, Gen. Radmanish said AAF has received various aircraft and helicopters as A-29 Super Tucano, Black Hawk, MI-24 and others granted by US and our partners in the region as India, adding capabilities of Afghanistan air force have increased unprecedentedly in recent years. Suraya Raiszada