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Nation-wide reactions Kunduz over air strike

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Nation-wide reactions Kunduz over air strike
 A large number of our countrymen including children have been martyred due to bombardments conducted by Afghan air forces in Dasht-e-Archi of Kunduz. The air strike has been followed by reactions in the country.
Nevertheless, officials to Ministry of Defense (MoD) say it is Taliban who have shot civilians after the air strike.
“A gathering of armed Taliban has been targeted by the air strike in Dasht-e-Archi of Kunduz and civilians have been shot to dead by the Taliban for conspiracy,” acting spokesperson to MoD said.
Mohammad Radmanish, the MoD acting spokesperson told The Kabul Times correspondent: “The air strike targeted a gathering of Taliban’s commanders, but civilians dispatched to Kunduz hospital were shot to dead by armed Taliban.”
He added that Afghan air forces by finding the exact location of terrorists conducted the air strike by MDC530 helicopters.
According to the MoD acting spokesperson, 18 commanders of the Taliban group as Mullah Hamidullah, Serajuddin, Mawlavi Nezami, Mawlavi Samangani, Farid, Nasir Mohammadi and a number of others were killed and injured.
Meanwhile, Afghanistan Senate while condemning the air strike on a religious madrasa in Dasht-e-Archi asked for serious investigation in this regard. The senate has also asked the Afghan ground and air forces to further pay attention to safety of civilians in their military operations.
Most of senators stressed that Afghan air forces have not use of necessary precision in conducting the air strike in Dasht-e-Archi; therefore, most of the victims of the attack are civilians including children and Holy Quran memorizers.
“The incident in Dasht-e-Archi is painful,” Senate’s Chief Fazil Hadi Muslimyar said, asking the government for investigation.
Senate’s deputy Mohammad Alam Ezedyar by condemning the air strike said that those who have been involved in mistakenly targeting the civilians should be investigated as civilian casualties are not acceptable and its perpetrators should responsive to Afghanistan people.
Senators stressed that Afghan defense and security forces should have necessary precision in conducting air strikes and avoid civilian casualties in their operations.
Meanwhile, Afghanistan civil society organizations have also reacted to the incident and considered protection and safety of civilians as responsibility of Afghanistan government.
“Afghanistan government should put safety and protection of civilians’ life in its top working priorities,” Aziz Rafiyee, head of Afghanistan civil society organizations, told The Kabul Times correspondent, adding that unfortunately no considerable attention is paid to protection of the life of civilians in Afghanistan as the government has no program for the safety of Afghan citizens.
He asked for specification of security policies in the country, stressed that all sides of disputes should not make use of civilians as human shield and for their political goals.
In connection with safety of Afghan civilians, officials of Afghanistan government while committing to safety and protection of the life of civilians said a policy on safety of civilians has been finalized and would be soon implemented.
Related to Dasht-e-Arch incident, presidential office in a statement offered condolence and sympathy to the families of those who were killed and injured in the incident and tasked a commission for serious investigation of the incident.
In the statement, it was stressed that maintaining security and safety and protection the life and property of the people are the key responsibilities of Afghanistan government as the country’s defense and security forces have always made efforts to pay further attention to safety of civilians in all military operations.