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Pak PM’s visit & renewing pledge to counterterrorism

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Pak PM’s visit & renewing pledge to counterterrorism
 Pakistan Prime Minister paid a day-long visit to Kabul on Friday. The country’s cooperation in connection with convincing the Taliban group for peace talks with Afghanistan government was discussed between leaders of the two countries.
The most significant discussion in meeting between leaders of the two countries was the joint effort for counter terrorism in Afghanistan and the region. Although no change has been seen in Pakistan’s stance in connection with the country’s support from terrorism so far, Afghanistan is continuously asking Islamabad for joint effort in counterterrorism in the region.
On the other hand, how much will the Pakistan Prime Minister’s visit to Afghanistan be satisfactory?
The people of Afghanistan are not that much optimistic for visit of Pakistan prime minister to Kabul as the country has always played double-game policy towards Afghanistan. It will be a repetitive kind of visit, but there is a hope as US pressures on Pakistan has increased and the country’s has been now isolated and wants to cut down the pressures by improving ties with Kabul.
According to Kabul University lecturer and political expert Nasrullah Stanekzai, Pakistan Prime Minister’s visit to Kabul will be a preface for state to state talks, but it will have no positive results.
“I think there is a strategic and deep gap between positions of the two countries, so I am not optimistic if Pakistan brings change in its strategies.  Another key point is that Pakistan by its double-game policy wants to drive away from the international in particular US pressures by taking more time,” Stanekzai added.
Recent visit of Pakistan Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi to Kabul came amid firing mortar shells by the country’s militaries on Kunar. The country’s cross-border shelling on areas in Afghanistan during visit of the country’s prime minister to Kabul as well as his remarks in Islamabad show the country’s dishonesty and double-game policy over Afghanistan.
For Afghanistan, only destroying terrorist safe havens in Pakistan and arresting terrorist leaders are the only way for ending game in counter terrorism effort in the region. US administration declared at the beginning of the New Year that the country suspended its military aids to Pakistan until Islamabad take action against Taliban, Haqqani Network and other terrorist groups.
Pakistan has committed heavy crimes in Afghanistan as the country is considered as key element in Afghanistan’s deadly tragedy during the continued undeclared war. During the past four decades, millions of Afghans have left their home country for other countries, thousands of others have been killed and injured and disabled and most of infrastructures worth billions dollars have been destroyed. 
What can do against all these crimes perpetrated by Pakistan and the country’s undeclared war? Ending the undeclared war and reaching peace. As saying: right is not given, right is taken.
This time, Pakistan PM reiterated the country’s commitment to Afghanistan as previous leaders of the country. Pakistan should know that in case of continuing dishonest visits to Kabul and double-game towards the people of Afghanistan, the country will be further isolated in the world and should not pave the way for listing as a country that is supporting terrorism.
Last month, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani invited Pakistan PM to visit Kabul for state to state talks between the two countries.