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Three important priorities in 1397

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Three important priorities in 1397
 Afghanistan has just left behind a year full of achievements and challenges. In that year reforms in civil and military sections were intensified and work took place on fundamental and economic based programs. In the last days of last year practical work of TAPI project was started in Afghanistan which is considered a glad tiding of stability, welfare and self-sufficiency. In that year, the first phase of Chabahar port was exploited and the first wheat consignment donated by India, arrived in Afghanistan through that port.
The Afghan-Indian governments opened air trade corridor and for the first time, tons of Afghan fresh and dried fruits were exported to India markets. Last year the Afghan government submitted a written peace draft with Taliban which was welcomed globally. But beside these positive steps, Afghanistan experienced in last year the most bloodiest and devastating terror attacks and hundreds innocent countrymen and women were razed to the ground.
A tanker VBIED attack in Zanbaq circle was the most devastating and unprecedented terrorist attack in Afghanistan which left behind over 150 people dead and hundreds wounded. Attacks on hotel-Intercontinental VBIED ambulance attack IVO MoI former building, and terror attacks on mosques, Takaya and religious centers shed the blood of countless innocent muslims.
Last year, beside Taliban, ISIS also intensified their terror activities and attacks as the latter claimed responsibility of most attacks on religious centers and rites. Fighting in two fronts and against two major and several small terrorist groups exhausted energy and power of ANSDF and caused their increasing causalities in the battlefield. 
In short, last year, Afghanistan left behind an achievement  full year in the fields of reforms, governance and implementation of infrastructural economic projects but at the same time, terror attacks were intensified and as a result civilian and military casualties increased and collective and psychological security were strongly damaged.
Afghanistan has started another challenge full year and the biggest challenges ahead of the Afghan government are restoration of security, concluding of peace talks with Taliban and holding of parliamentary election in 1397 solar year and it should strongly concentrate on these three main priorities.
It should be said that Afghanistan would only achieve reliable peace and security that roots and sources of funding and equipping of terrorism outside our geography be drained and global community make firm decision for this purpose.