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US to provide CH-47 Chinook to Afghan forces

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US to provide CH-47 Chinook to Afghan forces
 The US is determined to provide CH-47 Chinook helicopters to Afghan Air Forces (AAF) in order to further strengthen Afghanistan air forces and make the US mission effective for counterterrorism in the country.
Based on media reports, the helicopters, capable in delivering supplies and troops at high altitude in mountainous terrain, is engineered with a Common Aviation Architecture System, or CAAS, cockpit, which consists of five multi-functional digital displays giving pilots key situational and navigational information.
The aircraft also has a digital automated flight control system which, when coupled with the avionics built into the CAAS cockpit, can help stabilize flight and even help the aircraft to fly a given route by itself.
“Afghan Air Forces (AAF) in particular our pilots have better capabilities as the US advisors and mentors have provided various aircrafts to the Afghan air forces and helped in training and equipping the forces for the past 16 years,” said Mohammad Radmanish, acting spokesperson to ministry of defense.
He stressed that the Afghan Air Forces were providing close air support to ground forces in counter terrorism effort, adding that Chinook helicopters could help Afghan national defense and security forces in destroying terrorist hideouts in the country.
Meanwhile, a number of Afghan military experts express hope that the international community in particular the US shall further focus on equipping and training the Afghan Air Forces so they can effectively provide air support to ground forces in battlefield.
“I can say that Afghan security forces need modern military equipment and possibilities not only for today but for years in future and now it is needed that Afghan Air Forces should be outfitted with modern combat aircrafts and equipment,” said Javed Kohistani, an Afghan military expert.
He added that it was necessary that the Afghan national defense and security forces should be regularly trained to keep on fighting against all threats and attacks of terrorist groups in future.
Zalmai Ihsas, another Afghan military expert, told The Kabul Times correspondent that if attention had been paid to Afghanistan Air Forces during the past 16 years, today, the country had powerful air force that could play vital role in counterterrorism effort in the country.
A number of Afghan citizens also believe that Afghan Air Forces (AAF) can play vital role in all battles in the country. “If domestic policies be changed towards maintaining security in the country, Afghan national defense and security forces with spiritual and advising support of NATO in particular the US can provide better security environment to the people of Afghanistan,” said Mohammad Amin, a government employee.
It is worth mentioning that the US was committed to providing Black Hawk helicopters to Afghan Air Forces (AAF) as the forces got the first Black Hawk helicopters provided by US in Kandahar airport.