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Abbasi’s visit to Kabul not useful unless Pakistan’s practical actions against terrorists

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Abbasi’s visit to Kabul not useful unless Pakistan’s practical actions against terrorists
 A day after Pakistan Prime Minister’s visit to Kabul and high-level talks between the two countries, Afghanistan parliament says such visits will not be useful unless the country takes practical action against terrorist groups in its soil.
Speaker to Lower House of Afghanistan parliament Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi has said that state to state talks between Kabul and Islamabad started amid cross-border shelling by Pakistan militaries on Kunar.
“This act of Pakistan shows that talks between leaders of the two countries are merely waste of time, so it won’t have positive results,” Ibrahimi added.
“When Pakistan as a neighboring country of Afghanistan gets ready to hold talks with Afghanistan, it should take honest and friendly steps. Unfortunately, such visits have taken place in past too but had no positive results except wasting time, so Pakistan should take advantage of opportunity, or insecurities will spread in Pakistan too,” Afghanistan parliament speaker said.
According to separate statements released by office of Pakistan Prime Minister and Afghanistan ministry of foreign affairs, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and Pakistan Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi have agreed – both countries will take actions against groups that are threatening security of the two countries. The two leaders have also agreed that no countries, groups and individuals would be allowed to use their country against other ones.
Meanwhile, an Afghan military and political expert Shahnawaz Tanni, says key principles have been included in Afghanistan – Pakistan Action Plan for Peace and Solidarity (APAPPS).
 He added that in consideration to previous act followed by Pakistan during the past 16 years the country would not take practical steps.
In presence of coalition forces and international community, Pakistan leaders have stated and promised to cooperate with Afghanistan in various sectors in particular counterterrorism effort in the past 16 years, but the country has taken no honest practical steps. To address problems and reduce tensions between the two countries, it is necessary to tighten relations, reach understanding and respect each other’s interests. Moreover, the international community and the regional countries should play key role for implementation of the action plan and building trust between the two countries.
Tanni further said that talks and visits would have results when commitments were implemented and Islamabad, which was accused of supporting terrorism, should show its honesty in counter terrorism effort.
Pakistan militaries have fired rockets and mortar shells on eastern parts in particular Kunar bordering Pakistan for years. Reason of increasing tensions between the two countries is clear. Afghanistan does not recognize Durand Line, considered as a historic issue between the two countries.
It is also clear that Pakistan does not want a stable Afghanistan as the country’s strategy is to deteriorate situation in Afghanistan. Pakistan has been interfering in internal affairs of Afghanistan for years to reach its goal as the country’s intention towards Afghanistan is clear. Afghanistan has now close and friendly relations with India, while Islamabad is not tolerating heavy presence and investment of New Delhi in Afghanistan.
Currently, Pakistan is hosting leaders of the Taliban group in its soil and by supporting terrorist groups in particular the Taliban group wants to destabilize Afghanistan.