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Pak air, artillery attacks should be stopped

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Pak air, artillery attacks should be stopped
 Within recent few days the eastern provinces of the country were the witnesses of air and artillery attacks of military forces of Pakistan.
According to the local in-charges of Kunar province, the air forces of Pakistan bombarded some regions in Dungam district of Kunar last Thursday and tens rockets have been targeted some parts of this district from beyond Durand Line.
Although it is not the first time the Pakistan military forces targeted some regions inside Afghanistan soil but what differs the recent Pakistan artillery assaults from previous ones is this that these assaults took place in a time that we were in the threshold of visit of high-ranking officials of Pakistan heading by prime minister of that country Shahed Khaqan Abbasi to Kabul and targeting of a meeting attended by senior officials of Taliban in one of religious madrassas in Kunduz province that had behind some injuries and casualties.
Murdering of leaders and commanders of Taliban in Dasht-i-Archi of Kunduz were reflected vastly in the media and press of Pakistan that was harsh reactions from Haqqani address that are traditional supporters of Taliban.
The witnesses believe that these attacks were indicator of a kind of shock, anger and inconvenience of these circles and groups who support them in Afghanistan. Because this attack did to dismantle the programs of Taliban, Haqqani network and those groups who are in harmony with them and kill the key individuals of these groups.
The air forces and artillery assaults of Pakistan in territory of Afghanistan is a flagrant violation against an independent country that enjoying from national sovereignty and international laws and principles rule in international system that underfoot by Pakistan.
This action also regards in contradiction with neighborhood morale and good neighborliness.
Based on principles and international norms, no country has the right to target other country’s territory and sanctum of its neighbor like this.
These all caused some one think that the proxy and undeclared war of Pakistan is being changed into a direct and face to face ones, what no one is winner in it.
Because, continuation of such situation can complicate the situation in the region more than any time and also causes the existed problems between the two countries be further increased and jeopardize the present security and stability in the region.
Based on the same, the authorities of our country persistently demanded Islamabad  and also demand that this state should be ended and prevent such attacks.
These assaults that regarded as border offendings is one of the main agenda of meetings of the high ranking officials of Afghanistan from among them president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah with prime minister of Pakistan.
The authorities in government of Afghanistan wanted from prime minister of Pakistan that these attacks be stopped as soon as possible.
What the spokespersons of government shared the media in connection with the achievements of these meetings is this that it was demanded seriously from prime minister of Pakistan to solve the problem of border offending in the region of Durand Line and end forever the series of artillery and air attacks in these regions that prime minister Khaqani pledged to solve this problem.
Anyway, it is necessary the situation between the two countries not to be further deteriorated and the problems not to be increased but instead, allout efforts should be made the present problems be solved and the situation between the two countries be normalized.
But both countries have much interests in good relations and mutual respect, the interests that would cover all political, cultural, economic and social areas.