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People support Helmand residents peace caravan

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People support Helmand residents peace caravan
 The righteous shout of those who erected the protest tent and the peace caravan of civil activists and residents of Helmand that within recent weeks were the reports full of hopefulness and reflected in media of the country condemned war and instability in the country. It was a matter of appreciation that should be supported by every countrymen who are thirsty of peace.
With focusing on slogans chanted by protestors indicate that war and crisis in the country has not one factor but various reasons and factors caused such situation that is much complicated. So the slogans of protestors of Helmand province are making us hopeful for a better tomorrow.
So, it is necessary such moves be supported in different levels in all provinces of the country.
Focusing to the same, it necessitates that within recent half century, Afghanistan was changed into a competitive and profiteer scene of far and near neighbors and their satanic games.
Sustaining such state within over four decades finally made united people to stage such gathering and protest demonstration, and a peaceful caravan be formed.
The Helmand residents move can be the only matter for giving awareness to the people live in other parts of the country. The latters should support those who erected sanctuary tent.
This sanctuary tent is erected in Helmand in a time that as a result of a suicide attack in wrestling field, several civilians lost their lives. This attack faced with harsh reaction of Helmand people and following an explosion occurred in Helmand in Hamal third, the sanctuary tent was erected by Helmand residents and the protestors decided to go to the regions Taliban are living and invited the latters to join peace process, and leave war in the province.
These protests were welcomed by some people even by some social networks as well.
After passing of four days, some members of political movement in the name of “Sada-i-Mardum” also voiced their support from Helmand and protest demonstration.
The victims of war in Helmand and other provinces are civil people that such violences should be stopped, said the demonstrators.
They demanded from all countrymen to force Taliban to join peace process through any possible way.
If the people collectively protest against Taliban, neither Taliban nor government nor foreigners be doubtful before them and their demonstration will borne a result.
Those who don’t want peace, they should be encouraged to it through pulpits of mosques and awareness be given to them that peace is better than war from Islamic point of view.
These demonstrators staged vast demonstrations in Helmand. They wanted a great number of people should invite Taliban to peace process in Musa Qala district, Helmand province.
Within recent two weeks, the protestors held demonstrations to a ceasefire be proclaimed among involved sides that so far, this demand had vast support of people in some provinces of the country.
With erecting of great sanctuary tent in front of Herat governorate, the Herat people proclaimed their support from Helmand people. These people are the residents of Herat city and other districts of Herat province are demanding from involving sides of war in Afghanistan to join peace process. This tent is decorated with three colored flag of Afghanistan and the slogans of peace are also seen.
They say that till the war not to be stopped, we collectively continue our demonstration.
Peace is the voice of all Afghans not from one group, one tribe and one party.
A number of religious scholars also gathered in sanctuary tent and joined peace process.
Last week, with erection of sanctuary tent, they proclaimed their support from Helmand people’s demonstrations and added that they voice their support from any voice raised for establishment of peace in the country.
Erection of sanctuary tent of Herat people also caused the support of civil society activists.
The residential people of different provinces welcome this process and regard it as a clear example of peaceable policy and condemning of war in the country.
The sanctuary tents were erected in Herat in a time that one day before, the Farah people also expressed their support from Helmand demonstration. 
The civil activists of Bamyan also due to a gathering proclaimed their support from Helmand demonstration and demanded from involved sides to join peace process.
A number of civil activists of Bamyan and Herat jointly proclaimed their support from Helmand demonstration and demanded that war be ended in Afghanistan.
They regarded the attacks of terrorist groups as a genocide of Afghan people.
Two weeks ago, as a result of suicide attack, occurred in front of sport stadium in Lashkar Gah the capital city of Helmand province, 10 civil people were killed and tens other injured.
The people of Helmand erected sanctuary tent and demanded a ceasefire should be observed by Taliban and government.
The civil activists of Bamyan have asserted that today, we express our support from the move of Helmandi brethren. Because, war takes the live of all people of Afghanistan they also demanded the involved sides to join peace process.
They also demanded from the UN security council through exerting pressure on terrorists, the war should be ended in Afghanistan as soon as possible.
With proclamation of a three-article resolution, the civil activists of Bamyan demanded from all people live indifferent parts of Afghanistan to support vastly the protest demonstration of Helmand province.
The institution of human rights and civil activists of Mazar-i-Sharif city supported the Helmand protest demonstrations. 
They have asserted that it is the voice of all people of Afghanistan that seriously be supported.
The Khost people also proclaimed their support from this move and added our country should be cleaned from the dirt of war and peace be maintained in our country.
The youths, victim families and civil society of Helmand as of over one week to date in a peaceful move erected sanctuary tent for ending of war and prevention from killing of defenceless people, ceasefire and preparing ground for maintaining peace and security in the country.
They demanded from government and opponents to leave war and join peace process.
The government responded positively to the demand of Helmand people that is the voice of all people of Afghanistan.
We hope Taliban also to follow suit and respond positively to this Islamic move and through intra-Afghan dialogue, their demand be met through peaceful means.