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Former Taliban ambassador says Taliban won’t surrender to Pakistan’s pressures

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Former Taliban ambassador says Taliban won’t surrender to Pakistan’s pressures
 Mullah Abdul Salam Zaeef, one of Taliban’s key figures and former ambassador of the Taliban regime to Islamabad, has told Daily Times that Pakistan was exerting further pressures on Taliban. 
“Taliban will not surrender to such pressures as the only way for ending war in Afghanistan is the group’s talks with US,” Zaeef said.
Undoubtedly, lack of sole leadership in Taliban group has two perspectives: first, lack of leadership can pave the way and opportunities for joining a number of armed opponents to peace process. Secondly, lack of leadership can be challengeable as talks should be done with all groups of the Taliban, while there was only a sole leadership for talks with Afghanistan government. But, the government considers it as responsibility to provide opportunities and facilities in order to make the process succeed despite of all problems and challenges.
Nevertheless, representatives of the people in parliament stress on direct talks between the government and Taliban group.
“Afghanistan government and Taliban should sit with each other and resolve problems through dialogues and reach an agreement for lasting peace in the country,” said Zmarak Padkhwabi, head of international relations commission for Lower House of parliament.
Previously, the Afghan government had offered a peace plan for the Taliban group so that the group would join peace process as the government wants to end the war and bring lasting and honorable peace to the country.
Afghanistan government and international community have made effort toward reaching an agreement with the armed Taliban group for years as resuming peace talks with the Taliban group is considered as necessary for consolidation of peace and enduring stability in the country. It’s Pakistan which can convince the Taliban group to end violence and war in Afghanistan and join peace process, but the country has not honestly taken any step towards maintaining peace in Afghanistan so far.  Armed opponent groups have always responded any initiatives and offers made by Afghanistan government for the past few years with violence and suicide attacks as the armed groups have only paid attention to foreign interests and exercise intelligence programs of Afghanistan’s enemies.
Terrorism has entered in to new phase threatening the world. The issue has been clarified by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in various national and international conferences.  In his speeches, the country’s President has stressed that Afghanistan is in front line of war on terrorism, asking all countries of the world to jointly and seriously fight against the phenomenon.
Afghanistan’s good relations with neighboring countries in particular Pakistan are considered as significant as good relations between the two countries are useful for enduring peace and stability in the region. It is time for Pakistan to take practical steps towards improvement of relations with Afghanistan because the Afghan government has taken necessary steps in this regard.