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State to state talks key to current Pak-Afghan problems

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State to state talks key to current Pak-Afghan problems
 Pakistan PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi arrived on Friday morning in Kabul at the official invitation of the Afghan government and separately met Afghan president and CE. Main topics of these meetings were bilateral ties, war on terror, regional connection, Afghan led and owned peace talks, infringes along the so-called Durand Line, respectable repatriation of refugees, railway and road construction projects, exchange of prisoners and finalization of “joint Afghan-Pak Plan of Action for Peace and Solidarity”.
Quoting the NUG spokesmen, media reports say that the most important goal of visit of Pakistan PM to Afghanistan was efforts of both countries’ authorities for trust building and institutionalization of bilateral relations between the two countries. For the time being Afghan-Pakistan relations are at its worst conditions. The main reason behind deterioration of these relations are Pakistan interferences in Afghanistan domestic affairs and support of those armed groups who are fighting the Afghan people and government including Taliban and Haqqani insurgents.
All these have caused both countries to fail to reach an understanding and agreement on vital bilateral issues and settle current problems and disputes despite of religious, cultural and historical commons as well as joint threats and dangers stemming from terrorist factions who are mainly connected to regional, global terror factions.
While the government of both countries can deal with each other and can cooperate in different security, political and economic fields according to interests hidden in this deal, and stand shoulder to shoulder with each other and materialize peace and security in this region. 
State to state deal within recognized international rules instead of rely on terrorist and mafia groups and circles can settle ongoing problems substantially. Improving of relations with Afghan legal and legitimate government who has been created by the vote of people and considers itself loyal to all dominating international rules and has been maintaining mutual respect based good relatioin with the world countries and believed in accountability of governments before regional and universal peace and stability, is in benefit of Pakistan and others.
But still there are suspicions on Pakistan honesty before every talks and commitments of Pakistani authorities with Afghan and international partners.  The reason behind this disloyalty of Pakistani rulers and leaders is their dishonesty to their commitments and their action against their promises. Other reason behind Pakistan insincerity is this that Pakistan has strongly been involved in hostility with Afghanistan as she has defined Afghanistan as her strategic depth.  It means that a weak and a puppet regime must be in power in Afghanistan that would be acting in its foreign policy according to dictate of Pakistani rulers and leaders.