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Accuracy in air strikes, protection of civilians life our basic priority: MoD

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Accuracy in air strikes, protection of civilians life our basic priority: MoD
 Following air strike of ANSF in Kunduz that caused civilian casualties, the MoD authorities said, we use full precision during air raids on terrorists’ positions in order to prevent civilian casualties. In an interview with The Kabul Times reporter, talking on air raids and preventing civilians’ casualties, MoD acting spokesman BG Mohammad Radmanish said, carefulness during air strikes and protection of civilians life is one of the basic priorities of the government specially MoD. During air operations we collect very precise information through our intelligence sources and air facilities from areas in which Taliban have strongholds and then target them. Air photos are prepared by modern equipments. But the Taliban have now changed their method and mix civilians without weapons thus civilians are damaged during operations. He added, those who fan up war in Afghanistan and irrigate extremist groups like trees, should know that this tree would bring a bitter fruit to them. We have plenty of evidents that Taliban and Pakistan secret services are provoking violence and escalate tensions in Afghanistan. After operation in Kunduz, Pakistani military authorities strongly reacted and shed crocodile tear for their slain mercenaries not for Afghan Taliban, not for killing of Afghan Taliban but for failure of their plans. During the air raid in Kunduz, there was a Pakistani Major among the dead bodies. So they are not sorry for Afghan civilians’ casualties.
Assuring people, BG, Radmanish added, we do our best to prevent damaging locals. We don’t want killing of even one civilian. We want our people not to accommodate Taliban insurgents in their localities but cooperate ANSF. 
All intelligence resources are available to us and we try to avoid civilians’ casualties during our air operations.
Calling elimination of a senior ISIL authority in the north as a good gain for ANSF, BG Radminish said, we are committed to target terrorists in their sanctuaries and foil their plans in their origin. Targeting ISIL senior leaders improves combat spirit of ANSF and enable them to act more courageously against them in the battlefield. He went on to say, sometimes in emergency cases we use US drones and technology to eliminate terrorists strongholds in caves or undergrounds in those areas in which there are no civilians but terrorists depots and heavens.