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Administrative units’ security should be enforced in vulnerable regions

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Administrative units’ security should be enforced in vulnerable regions
 Last week was the bloodiest week for Ghazni province.
In an incident occurred in Khwaja Omeri district of the province about 30 people including the district administrator were martyred and a number of others were injured.
The reports released in the connection said that this incident was occurred in a time that Taliban organized a deadly operation on the district and according to the security commander of Ghazni province in attack on this district, Taliban used sophisticated weapons including Lizer guns and night long-sighted means.
This attack shows that assault on vulnerable points and administrative units that are enjoying from low capability for the repulsing of terrorists attacks can be a new tactic of Haqqani network linked Taliban group and other terrorist groups.
Because, as the commander of Resolute Support mission (RS) has previously asserted that now, Taliban abandons making effort to capture large cities and densely-populated areas and to prove their existence they instructed their members who are involving in terrorist activities inside Afghanistan to increase their suicide attacks and explosions in this country.
It is possible more the individuals of this group were given instruction that hereafter, to target weak points and vulnerable regions and through this to resort vandalism and hold propagation in their benefit.
If such theory be correct, it is necessitates that government security and defence institutions especially local governorates of the provinces focus attention to these regions more than before and evaluate possible activities of the enemy and in coordination with it to enforce the government security and defence forces are active in districts.
At the same time, it necessitates that the issue of detention and intelligence services’ organs activities be considered as serious. 
The enemies possible movements should previously be detected and preventive measures should be adopted for not occurrence of such attacks.
After attack on Khwaja Omeri district, this claim has been come under discussion by some members of provincial council of the province that as if no necessary attention has been paid in Ghazni province in connection with security situation of the district and emphasize was laid if hereafter, effective attention not to be paid it is possible at the end of this week, such attack would also be occurred in the district.
It is necessary that this claim to be clearfully evaluated by government, security and defence forces of the country especially by local government, the weak points and the factors cause such incident and enforcement the grade of vulnerability in the field of ensuring security as well as occurrence security threats in administrative units in various provinces be recognized and necessitates timely measures should be adopted in the connection.     
In the past and after similar incidents in districts from among them in remote districts, this claim was setforth, the government pays less attention as well as detection organs and intelligence services acted weakly, the security organs formations are not in coordination with requirements and harmony among various  organs lacked, supporting forces didn’t reached on due time etc.
After the incident of Khwaja Omeri district, these points have been setforth by members of Ghazni provincial council and released by media.
Considering the abovementioned issues, it is necessary that the security of administrative units especially those  units are vulnerable should be evaluated by security institutions and to encounter with, the possibilities of these units should be promoted beside building of capacity of defence and security institutions.
If it was necessary, efforts should be made in connection with formations of units were missioned in administrative ones considering the standard of threats stem from existence of enemies.
The capacity should be built so the incident like Khwaja Omeri district not to be occurred in the future.