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Countrymen peaceful protests get vast dimensions

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 Since the movement of peaceful protest of Helmand begin against continuation of war and insecurity the province this possibility has been setforth that in a day this protest would be changed into a vast and country-wide move that would cover all parts of the country. This means that the people of Afghanistan are tired of war and with joining to this protest and war movement in a vast level, demand for ending of war and realization of peace in the country. 
In that time, the Helmand citizens proclaimed that beginning from capital city of Lashkargah till Musa Qala district that now is one of Taliban centers in this province they hold demonstration, but when Taliban prevent this demonstration of Helmand citizens towards Musa Qala district, they erected sanctuary tent in Lashkar Gah city and resort to hunger strike.
With passing of time, this movement found its way to other provinces and within recent days, the provinces such as Balkh, Farah, Ghazni, Kandahar and Uruzgan were the witnesses of protest meetings against continuation of war and violence and support of peace process of Afghanistan.
It is considered in upcoming days, this process to get vast dimension and other provinces would also be the witnesses of holding of such protest meetings and movements.
The message of this movement is clear and completely humanitarian and aware the minds of people. The protestors are demanding for ending of war and fratricide in Afghanistan.
They say that since fourty years the current war is continuing and takes everyday the lives of our compatriots and they are martyring or injuring as groups. 
Likewise, this imposed war prevent from execution of development projects and construction in the country.
This war should be ended as soon as possible and peace and stability be realized. 
The protestors say the funds are spending in war should be spent in construction and development and expansion of the country.
The people of Afghanistan never are in favor war in their country and this proxy war is continuing and funding from overseas and is continuing seriously as a result of meddling of these dirty hands. These movements reach to its summit in a time that recently the government of Afghanistan introduced a comprehensive plan for beginning of peace process and demand Taliban to join peace process and end war and violence.
This draft plan that introduced by president of Afghanistan in second conference of Kabul process, much privileges have been considered for those Taliban and Haqqani network that join peace process and it is proclaimed that the government is ready that even the constitution of the country to be regulated and help omit the names of those Taliban who are include of black list of the UN security council.
In reaction to this peace proposal of government, Taliban and Haqqani network kept silence and contrary to their previous position, they didn’t respond as officially.
The meaningful silence that shown by some institutions such as High Peace Council as well as political witnesses is explained that this time, they want before giving response to consult and negotiate among themselves and don’t want to lose this opportunity.
On the other, based on the believe of some witnesses, Taliban kept silence for this that they are threatening from the reaction of countrymen and are not willing to introduce in Public opinion as peace opponents that is the order of Almighty Allah and instruction of Islamic teachings.
The witnesses believe that Taliban are well aware about reaction of peace in connection with their opposition with peace negotiation and don’t want public opinion be against them.
But recently, it is said that some circles of Taliban are completely ready to join peace process.
Previously some authorities of Resolute Support mission have proclaimed that they are in contact with a number high-ranking commanders of Taliban and it is possible that this number that is not meager to join peace process and end war and violence.
According to some reports there are some signs that the branch of Mullah Rasoul of Taliban is not reluctant to peace process.
Two days ago, security commander of Kandahar, Gen-Abdurrazeq told media about 60 individuals that are include of former and present authorities of Taliban including ministers, commanders of divisions and governors that are also members of Kouetta Council in contact with him expressed their readiness to return to Kandahar and join peace process and along with their family members to begin peaceful life.
Commander Razeq said that even some of these figures are willing to candidate themselves in upcoming national assembly and district councils’ elections.
With passing of time the peaceful civil protests of countrymen get vast dimensions against continuation of imposed war and violence.
This move is indicator of mass determination for unification of their will and expansion of peaceful move all over the country.
This protest covers great number of provinces and citizens of other provinces also erected sanctuary tents in support to this righteous move and proclaimed that they are also in favor of ending of war and violence in the country as well as beginning of peace negotiations.
Some media report that a number of Kandahar citizens including religious scholars of this province yesterday proclaimed that the protest of our citizens would cover all parts of the province and raise the peaceful voice through pulpits of mosques.
Previously, the ulema of Helmand proclaimed to expand their peaceful demonstration to all pulpits of mosques.
At the same time pacificism that is a human demand and in accord with Islamic Sharia, is also the right of citizens as well.
The latters have the right to protest with loud voice and want opponents to stop murdering and blood shedding and join peace process.
Security and living in peaceful atmosphere is the right of every citizen.
No group nor no individual has the right to adopt measure that negate this right and disturb peaceful life.
Expansion of civil and anti-war moves and emphasizing on acceptance of peace by involved sides of war is the clear sign of mass thought of citizens and their comprehension from certain of citizenship in asking from involved forces, the issue that previously because of some factors were not used by citizens. Anyway, now, that the provincial people of our country with holding of vast civil demonstrations are in favor of peace and ending of war and violence by involved sides and are exerting pressure  on them to join peace and say goodbye with war.