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Regional players’ cooperation key to Afghanistan’s peace process

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Regional players’ cooperation key to Afghanistan’s peace process
 United Arab Emirates (UAE) as an Islamic country and with consideration to good relations with Taliban can help and cooperate with Afghanistan government in the Afghan peace process.
A UAE senior official to Kabul has said that his country was supporting the Afghan-owned and Afghan-led peace process and all efforts made by Afghanistan government in connection with peace talks with the Taliban group.
Essa al-Mazoori, Charge d’ Affairs and acting ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to Kabul, met the other day with Afghanistan National Security Advisor Mohammad Hanif Atmar in Kabul.
In a statement released by the office of NSA said that UAE could play key role in Afghanistan peace and economic development.
A spokesperson to National Security Council’s office Qader Shah considered such meetings as significant for improvement of relations between the two countries and creating consensus in connection with maintaining peace in Afghanistan.
“By creating consensus among countries in the region ways will be paved for peace, counter terrorism and economic development; moreover, trust will be built among the regional countries,” Qader Shah added.
Related to role of UAE in Afghanistan peace process, a spokesperson to Afghanistan High Peace Council (HPC) said: “UAE, which was among the three countries recognizing the Taliban regime, is one of influential countries in the region.”
He added that Afghanistan National Security Council had undoubtedly taken good steps in coordination with HPC in this regard so they could exert pressure on supporters of terrorist groups and armed insurgents fighting against Afghanistan government.
Afghan political experts consider role of UAE as key and say Afghanistan government should keep balance in the region in connection with creating consensus for Afghanistan peace.
There is hope that we can really regain the lost regional coalition. If we go for a new coalition in the region, undoubtedly we will be against some countries in the region. Therefore, the Afghan government should keep balance, otherwise, war and violence in Afghanistan will continue.
Iran is now fearing from increasing influence and presence of Arabic countries in Afghanistan, Pakistan is fearing from increasing presence of India in Afghanistan. Foreign diplomacy of Afghanistan should convince the Iranian government that closeness with Arabic countries is not in the harm of Iran but it is for bringing peace in Afghanistan.
Although Taliban has not responded the peace offer of the Afghan government so far, US defense secretary has said that a number of small groups of Taliban have shown interest for peace talks with the Afghan government.
According to Kandahar Police Chief Gen. Abdul Raziq, 35 commanders and squads of Taliban have come and shown readiness for talks with the Afghan government.
“Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates (UAE) can help and cooperate with those members of the Taliban group that want to join the Afghan peace process. These commanders and squads of the Taliban group have stopped violence and want to join peace process without informing Quetta Council. A number of them might nominate and run for parliamentary and district council elections,” Gen. Abdul Raziq hoped, adding that they want to live in a peaceful environment.
It is determined that UAE or Saudi Arabia will probably host a meeting on Afghanistan peace talks in March.