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Registration process only option to determine Afghanistan future

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Registration process only option to determine Afghanistan future
 Despite four days from the start of the voters’ registration process in the country, Afghan citizens are seemingly showing little interest in joining the registration centers, most likely due to lack of enough awareness about election.
The Kabul Times correspondent has launched interviews with some Kabul citizens attending the voters’ registration center held in Abdul Hadi Dawi High School as follow:
Ajmal, 18 who said he has now reached the eligible voting age and wanted to go to the voters’ registration centers to take ballot card, as he believe he can change the cycle of the election in his favor.
“I want to take part in the future of my country, by voting to my favorite candidate,” said Ajmal asking the entire citizens to come to the voters’ registration centers and take part in the country’s future. However he said election was a new phenomenon for him, as he had not still joined the process, because he was not eligible before.
Najiba, 55 who is a house woman, has joined the center, in Microrayon to take voting card told The Kabul Times, she had attended the process for three times, hoping could make the fate of the people by voting to her favorite candidate.
She was also seen unpleased for the poor presence of the people in the voters’ registration centers.
Officials of the Independent Election Commission (IEC) also confirmed poor presence of the people in the process, but said that the people are not still aware of the process initiation.
Samiullah Shiva, the head of the voters’ registration center in Abdul Hadi Dawi, confirmed that people presence this year are not like what in the past process.
He said considering the past elections processes, firm plans were made to prevent fraud in this year’s election. 
He asked the people to join the centers and register their names and take voting cards for accessing the upcoming election process.
Prevailing insecurities in some provinces of the country, have caused people not to join the registration centers and the government has the responsibility to take security of the voters’ registration centers so that the people make sure to join the centers and register their names.
Benafsha, a school teacher who said holding the parliamentary and district level councils’ elections a milestone for the Afghans and the international community, and the only option to make the nation’s future.
He said the IEC should officially announce the exact number of the eligible voters for every provinces of the country, so that to prevent imaginary figures of voters during the polling process.
Meanwhile, the government of Afghanistan has repeatedly announced that it was committed to hold an on-time and transparent election in the country and urges all Afghans citizens to register their names and vote to their favorite candidates. Up to 13,000 Kabul citizens have so far registered their names and the process is still continuing in the capital and some provinces of the country.