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Afghanistan should effectively use military aids & cooperation of regional countries, MPs

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Afghanistan should effectively use military aids & cooperation of regional countries, MPs
 Based on invitation of Chinese officials, Afghanistan National Security Advisor Mohammad Hanif Atmar has left for a three-day visit to Beijing to meet the country’s political and military officials and ask for increasing of Shanghai Cooperation Organization member countries’ role in counter terrorism.
According to NSA office in Kabul, the Afghan delegation led by NSA Atmar and Chinese officials have discussed Afghanistan peace process, counter terrorism and improvement of economic relations between Afghanistan and China.
“The Afghan delegation has asked the Chinese side to make use of its influence on Pakistan to honestly cooperate with the Afghan peace process,” a statement from NSA office said.
Meanwhile, a number of lawmakers in Lower House’s defense and security commission while optimist over NSA’s visit to Beijing have said China could do more in connection with convincing the Pakistan government in order to honestly cooperate with Afghanistan government in counter terrorism as well as peace talks with the Taliban group.
“Afghanistan government should effectively make use of its policy for better relations with regional countries and we hope activities of armed insurgents including Daesh will end if Afghanistan leaders use military aids and cooperation of regional countries in particular China for counter terrorism in the country,” said Fathullah Qaisari, a member of Lower House’s national defense and security commission.
He added that China as a big country in the region could exert pressure on Pakistan and convince the country to stop supporting terrorist groups and help Afghanistan reach peace and stability as China could play vital role in stability of the region in particular Afghanistan.
Meanwhile, a number of Afghan political and economic experts while welcoming the support and cooperation of China and considering it as beneficial for Afghanistan say China has now changed to a big country from perspective of economy in the world and its close relations with Afghanistan can put positive impacts in political, military and economic sectors of Afghanistan.
“China can play effective role in maintaining of security and stability in Afghanistan. On the other hand, Pakistan has powerful economic relations with China; therefore, China as a big country in the region should convince Pakistan to honestly cooperate with Afghanistan towards counter terrorism and peace process,” said Reza Rezayee, a university lecturer.
He added that China needs rich mining resources to develop its industry and Afghanistan could maintain part of the country’s needs.
“Afghanistan and China have common borders and this issue can have positive impact on improvement of economic and political relations,” Rezayee said, adding that Chinese military aids should be only to Afghanistan national defense and security forces as our security forces still need modern military equipment.
Saifuddin Saihoon, an economic expert and lecturer of Kabul University, is optimic for role of China in economic and military sector of Afghanistan, believing that Afghanistan should make effort towards tightening better relations with the biggest economic country as China as such relations are for the benefit of Afghanistan.
“Continued visits of Afghan and Chinese delegations from each other country are a big step towards economic development in Afghanistan,” Saihoon said, adding that the Afghan government should provide proper opportunities and environment for investment of Chinese private sector and traders in Afghanistan.
He also said that for a stable and developed Afghanistan, the Afghan government should have good relations with big countries of the world as China and US.
It is worth mentioning that currently Afghanistan has strategic and friendly relations with various countries in the world and China is among countries that have invested in big economic and development projects in Afghanistan and we hope that all countries will cooperate and support the Afghan government and people reach lasting peace and stability.