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‘Women’s participation in voter registration process increasing’

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‘Women’s participation in voter registration process increasing’
 Since the beginning of voters’ registration process one week ago across the country, the number of female  applicant voters in registration centers have been increasing.
The Kabul Times reporter visited a female registration center located in Naderiah high school in which large number of voters had attended to register and get cards and take part in upcoming parliamentary and districts councils elections enthusiastically. In an interview with our reporter, director of this center Mohammad Osman Amiri said, today more people have refered to our center than the last week. Women with their family members arrive to register and I hope the number would be further increasing. In our center three women including chief of the center, registration officer and approval officer have been deployed by IEC.
Talking on registration process, the approval officer Morwarid Rahmani said, having national ID (Tazkera) is essential for registration. The approval officer sticks approval piece of paper in the basic page of ID with a security tape that prevents fraud in future. The voters, are only allowed to vote in their registration centers on Mizan 28 (Oct 20.2018).
Registration centers are equipped with a big registration book, stationeries, security tape, stamp and other essential instruments of this process.
Kobra a 45 years old lady who had come with her national ID to register and vote to her favorite candidate in upcoming election, said, no one has forced me to register. I have come volunteerly to this center to register, take card and attend the future election.
At the same time, for further acceleration of this process, the election calendar would be released soon by IEC, said IEC commissioner Sayed Hafizullah Hashimi adding that all election stages have been included this calendar. 
According to law, 180 days prior to holding of parliamentary and districts councils elections this calendar should be released through a press conference. In this calendar, the voters and candidates programs and essential dates will be inserted to people.
Hashimi asks the government to provide security of registration centers and voters and thus enable people to be involved in this vital process in a secure atmosphere.
According to Hashimi the registration process has been improving gradually and day by day and in the last 5 days over 113000 voters have been registered in all centers. 
President Ghani has recently ordered all government employees to register with their family members for acceleration of the process.