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Continued sit-in camps & awakening of nation

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Continued sit-in camps & awakening of nation
 Although 40 years of wars and devastating conflicts have inflicted heavy humanitarian, financial, moral and material damages to our noble nation but have caused awakening of nation who are decisively fighting extremists as a single, united and pacific nation. They don’t want war but peaceful life, progress, development, education, health etc. they agree with principle of non-violence and peace and raise their innocent voice of peace loving, tolerance.
For the first time, the noble people of Helmand started tent of sanctuary and continued a peaceful non-violence campaigning. This was a benevolence movement and was strongly supported by Afghans in Paktya, Nangarhar, Laghman, Kandahar, Kunar, Logar as well as the western regions of imaginary line of Durand, northern Pashtunistan and Waziristan and Peshawar. This is a meriteous, good, peaceful move.
On Hoot 15.1396 H.S people of Helmand setup a tent of peace in provincial capital Lashkargah city and requested peace which was adaptable with rules of Islam holy religion and prevailing traditions of our people. But unfortunately on Hamal 3.1396 H.S 6 people were martyred and victimized in a SB attack but despite of that continued their move decisively, non-violently.
Their move was followed and supported by people of Kandahar, Ghazni, Uruzgan, Zabul etc. people raised against extremist terrorists who are involved in a shameful proxy war of aliens while our innocent nation has been its victim. Their only fault is acting against war and support of peace.
People including men, women, old, young, students religious scholars and ordinary people. Canted slogan of war is enough, we want peace, don’t kill us, bring peace, love and education. All these who awakening of our people and their national unity. Our people hate terrorists and extremists. They sacrifice themselves to achieve peace. Long life peace, war is enough.