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Afghanistan, Syria’s similar bloody wars

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Afghanistan, Syria’s similar bloody wars
 Attacking on civilians and justification of such attacks is an open violation from international laws and human moral which is not tolerable in any circumstance.
BNA social problems analyst commenting on the issue writes the Muslim people of Syria are going through horrible days and passing each day with sustaining heavy casualties and destructions. The major and basic problem of Syrians closely linked to authoritarianism in that country which has prepared the ground for foreign interferences. Some countries for fulfilling their ambitious and evil goals using the existence authoritative regime there as pretext and are, killing the innocent and defend less people of that country.
The occurrence awful events and incidents need long discussions, but the recent attacks by three countries such as America, Britain and France against the Syrian government needs to be discussed urgently.  Recently the three countries using punishment Asad’s regime as pretext for using chemical weapons against his own people, firing at least 100 missiles and carrying air attacks on their targets in Syria that took the lives of many Syrians and damaged their country. A part from the rule of an authoritarian regime in Syria, that country like Afghanistan is the battle field of a proxy war between world superpowers. 
Today, Syria like Afghanistan has changed in to battle field of Russia; Syria like Afghanistan is witnessing a proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia, and also Syria like Afghanistan has turned in to a battle field of terrorist and extremist groups fighting for implementing the aliens’ objectives.
In this immoral and barbaric fighting this is the governments that fulfill their interests, while the Syrians like Afghans have the largest number of refugees in the world. The two countries have many identical problems. The problems in which IS, Al Qaeda, extremism and terrorism are involved.  However, the only difference is under the pretext of existence of chemical weapons in Syria and an authoritarian regime there, the people of that country become the target of bombing.
 However, there is no word, about the existence of chemical weapons in Afghanistan but in pretext of campaign against terrorism they kill Afghans.
Unfortunately, the involved countries in regional disputes, which talking about human rights, just for achieving their interests violate the humanity borders creating horror, take the lives of many innocent people. 
The message of humanity for those countries is to know the precise definition of humanity and human rights and not use the territories of poor counters as battle field for their rivalries.