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Counterterrorism needs common global determination, MPs

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Counterterrorism needs common global determination, MPs
 Terrorism and terrorist groups are seriously threatening Afghanistan, the region and world. Counter terrorism effort won’t succeed and will have no positive result until joint work and practical steps are not taken for identification resources that are funding and equipping terrorist groups in the region.
A number of representatives of people in Afghanistan parliament and political experts believe that terrorism is a world threat and needs common determination of the world countries to fight the phenomenon.
“Although the government of Afghanistan has made continued effort towards fighting terrorism and cooperated with those countries that have taken steps in war on terror, unfortunately lack of world determination for freezing terrorism resources has caused that Afghanistan effort has given no considerable results,” said Hashimi, a representative of people in parliament.
Hashimi stressed that one of key debates raised by leaders of the Afghan government in national and international conferences were terrorists’ safe havens and training centers beyond the Afghan borders, but no practical steps have been taken by the international community for destroying those safe havens so far, adding that the increasing threats of terrorism would continue in the region and world until serious steps were not taken against terrorist safe havens and training centers beyond Afghanistan borders.
Safia Sediqi, an Afghan member of civil society, says those countries that are using terrorism as tool should know that the phenomenon is jeopardizing their people and the region too, so such countries are needed to honestly and jointly work to fight terrorism as Afghanistan is a country that has paid a big price in war on terror.
“Afghanistan government is fulfilling its responsibility towards its people and the international community and played its role in all sections,” Sediqi said, stressing that Afghanistan would never let any countries use its soil against other countries and the Afghan government is also anticipating from other countries to do so.
A number of Afghan citizens have also expressed their serious concerns over increasing terrorist groups and their activities in the country, stressing that all would witness peace and stability in the region only if Pakistan stopped funding, strengthening and equipping terrorist groups its soil.
“After declaration of new strategy by US president for Afghanistan and South Asia, changes have seen in the region and all countries in the region should make use of the opportunities for maintaining security in the region and should jointly work against terrorism,” said Dr. Aziz.
He added that if those countries that really wanted to prevent from increasing terrorist groups as Taliban, Daesh and al Qaeda should stop funding, supporting and equipping the groups that were threatening not only the region but also the world.
It is worth mentioning that Afghanistan has been able to raise its voice in region and world level for fully rooting out terrorism in the country and has taken practical steps towards fighting terrorism too. Thus, the world should not let Afghanistan alone in fight against terrorism as the support and cooperation of the international community can result in lasting stability and peace in Afghanistan.