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Elections, people responsibilities

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Elections, people responsibilities
 On Oct. 20.2018 parliamentary and districts councils election would be held and our people would cast their ballots to their favorite candidates in two chambers of parliament.
Voters’ registration for above elections have already been started in capital Kabul and provincial capitals and 2000 election centers have been setup throughout the country.
Registration centers will be involved for one month in cities and provincial capital, and in the subsequent month in districts and villages.
According to available data, since the beginning of registration, until the end of Hamal (April20) over 160000 people have been registered across the country with maximum voters in Kabul minimum in and MaidanWardak province which was not adaptable with the expectations of IEC and IRA government and the voters registration process lacked essential temper.
The reasons behind fading and lack of people enthusiasm to election process is clear. One is lack of awareness of people to realize their partnership to election. Because giving awareness to people on the need of election, people responsibility before election and effective, precise and correct use of the right of electing and being a candidate, voting to deserving representative of people and respecting the future of the country and its offsprings, guarantees an acceptable elections.
We leave judgment on success or fail of current parliament and its approach with ongoing socio- economic, political, security challenges to people.
If the current parliament was successful, it was due to precise election of people who managed to elect their deputies precisely with feeling of their national and social responsibility but if the present parliament failed, it was due to people mistake who did not manage to distinguish qualified, honest and sympathetic deputies for both chambers of the parliament. In this case, people bear great responsibility that why they did not manage to reasonably use their right of vote.
Election is a national process and all people have the right of support it and participate in it and vote responsibly and elect those who would sincerely work for the national interests and merelyserve our people not to accumulate wealth.
People need such representative who would realize people basic needs and link their destiny with that of people and seek their private fortune, prosperity and welfare in social prosperity.
Now exploiting long experiences of the last two previous parliamentary elections, our people should extremely be precise and vote to wise, sympathetic, progressive, patriotic candidates loyal to national interests who would respect in freedom, democracy, social justice and economic development.  
Our people should support election as a national process, attend registration centers and on Oct 20 make a precise decision void of any mistake and make responsible approach with their destiny and those of their children and their poor and backward country. Successful holding of this national process depends upon people support. We need an accountable legislative branch. Vote to candidate determine future destiny of our people and country.