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Why voter registration centers vulnerable?

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Why voter registration centers vulnerable?
 With passing of each day, the concerns are increasing on faint-colored participation of people in the process of voter registration, especially when the centers of voter registration and distribution of ID-cards are being targeted by the terrorist groupings. 
One after another and from beginning of the voter registration process to date, several voter registration centers were targeted by terrorists in Ghor, Nangarhar and Badghis provinces.
In Nangarhar province, three employees of voter registration centers and two police lost their lives.
In Ghor province, a number of personnel of Independent Election Commission (IEC) were kidnapped by unknown individuals that after passing of few days, they were released as a result of mediation of local dignitaries.
Meanwhile on Sunday, one of the centers of distribution of ID-cards belong to population registration administration witnessedthe bloodiest suicide attacks.
This attack was occurred in a time that a large number of our compatriots in Qala-i-Khater region belong to 6thPolice District gathered to take ID-card for attending in voter registration process.
According to Ministry of Public Health, in this incident 28 people were martyred and over 112 individuals were wounded that all of the victims were civilians.
Following this attack, a voter registration center was targeted in Puli Khumri of Baghlan province. Two people lost their lives and four other injured during the explosion.
These attacks show that from now on, the terrorist groupings tied their loins for sabotage of election process and creation of fear among people. With launching of bloody attacks and explosions, these groupings in voter registration centers martyring civilians from one hand and on the other, they want to show that government and security organs are no longer capable to ensure security of people.
No doubt, increment of security threats in voter registration centers as well as the centers for distribution of E.ID-cards can have its own negative impact on the process of voter registration and as a whole inparliamentary and district councils’ elections.It is due, the elections to be held in Oct. of current year.
The IEC, government of Afghanistanand election monitor institutions and parties as well as political movements are expressing their concern about faint-colored presence of people in voter registration centers.
Targeting of the centers would cause the presence of people in these centers be more faint-colored.
Distrust among people in connection with the election transparency and impartiality of institutions involved in the process are the main reasons behind unwillingness of people for attending in the voter registration process.
But, existence of security threats should not be underestimated. Beside distrust in regard with transparency of election, the security threats caused the people to refrain from attending to voter registrationcenters.
Roadmap for ensuring security in voter registration centers:
The security threats have been increase in voter registration centers in a time that the security institutions especially the ministry of interior assured people that the security in these centers has been maintained and the people can register their names for upcoming elections.
Minister of interior, Wais Barmak visited Kandahar last week and assured people on ensuring security in voter registration centers and, adding those are eligible for voting can refer to these centers and register their names for attending in upcoming elections.
President Ghani also assured people that his government taken in its hand security measures for maintaining security in voter registration centers. 
But, recent events show that so far, the security of these centers had not been maintained properly.
Considering the security situation of the country, hundred percent ensuring security of all voter registration centers is difficult. But with drafting of punctual program, the graph of security threats can be minimized in voter registration centers.
One of the reasons behind lack of security in voter registration centers is the vulnerability of the places that opened for voter registrations’ names.
Majority of these centers are active in education centers, schools, clinics, mosques and seminaries that no doubt, they are facing with security threats.
The security officials didn’t investigate these centers completely to ensure security.These centers could be opened in the areas there were less security threats.
The police districts, Kabul municipality district administrations and the buildings belonging to government organs that are enjoying from more security facilities could be the best place for voter registration centers.
The existence and activity of voter registration centers as well as the ID cards distribution centers in schools and seminaries is dangerous not only for voters but it threatens lives of thousands of school children.
The voter registration centers should be transferred from education centers to other secure places. 
This either ensures the life of voters or school children.
The  department of IEC and population registration center  as well as ministry of interior have opportunity so far and they should  take  in their hands the issue  of transferring of  these  centers to government secure  places and on the other, it is  needed the number of  employees of  IEC be  increased in centers of  voter  registration and the procedure  of  the process should  be simplified.
This prevents from gathering of people before the gates of voter registration centers and vulnerability for those who refer for registration would be reduced.
Check posts also needed to be activatedto better monitor the security of the centers.
Those who refer for registration purpose should be guided inside the centers. Because, the reason behind great number of casualties and wounded people in recent incident was their presence in outside of voter registration centers.