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International community stresses timely holding of parliamentary elections

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International community stresses timely holding of parliamentary elections
 Although voter registration process has already kicked off and is still going on, a number of world countries in particular U.S. and NATO are stressing on timely holding the Afghan parliamentary and district councils elections.
In sideline of NATO foreign ministerial meeting in Brussles, NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg by welcoming declaration of the Afghan parliamentary elections’ date said fair, transparent and timely elections is necessary for Afghanistan.
NATO Foreign Ministers also expressed their continued commitment to Afghanistan, welcoming President Ghani’s offer of peace talks and calling on regional actors to play a constructive role.
Meanwhile, officials for US embassy to Kabul say Afghanistan Independent Elections Commission (IEC) should have spent more time for public awareness regarding voter registration process.
“Elections process is so important for the people of Afghanistan and our efforts with Afghanistan government are underway for timely holding parliamentary elections as this is the responsibility of IEC to hold the elections in a transparent way,” US ambassador to Kabul John R. Bass, who was speaking to journalists in Kabul, said. 
He added that undoubtedly holding the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections needed joint effort of Afghanistan people and government and the US would continue its support from IEC and Afghanistan government. 
A number of Afghan lawmakers have also stressed on elections that would be free of fraud, asking the government to try its best to provide facility for timely, fair and transparent elections in the country.
Meanwhile, Afghan political experts say national unity government should adopt necessary measures in order that all the people participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections and consider role of media and civil society organizations as key in this regard.
“National Unity Government (NUG) should fulfill its commitments towards fair and transparent elections in the country as NUG leaders have declared that reforms in electoral system are in the government’s top working priorities; therefore, they should now play their role in this regard and pave the way for fair and free elections,” said Ali Rahmani, an Afghan political expert.
Afghan citizens have also stressed on timely elections in the country, saying that holding timely parliamentary elections by IEC would consolidate bases of democracy in the country.
“Delay in holding parliamentary and district councils elections will lead the country towards deadlock and pave the way for activities of terrorist groups in the country as the groups are working to create challenges for all election processes,” said Malalai, a school teacher in Kabul.
She added that the only option for addressing the ongoing challenges and threats of armed insurgents is to participate in the upcoming elections.
It is worth mentioning that IEC, supported by the international community, has started voter registration process and hopes are increasing for fair and transparent elections day by day.