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Afghanistan strongly supporting freedom of expression & free media activity

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Afghanistan strongly supporting freedom of expression & free media activity
 Kabul city once again witnessed twin suicide attack that martyred a number of Afghan journalists covering the first attack in the area.
The deadly incident that happened in green zone of Kabul city has been followed by reactions of Afghanistan government, world and journalist unions and organizations.
Related to killing of a number of Afghan journalists in the respective incident, deputy spokesperson to Presidential Office Shah HussainMurtazavi said that the enemies of Afghanistan people were paying no respect to any laws and principles.
“In fact, all the people of Afghanistan including media personnel are the target of terrorists who spare no crime against our people,” Murtazavi said.
Accepting some negligence in security organs, Murtazavi added that protection of Afghanistan citizens in particular journalists is the responsibility and in top priority of Afghanistan government that is fully supporting freedom of expression and media works.
“Afghanistan government is making effort to provide a secure environment for the people,” Murtazavi said, adding that some weaknesses that are in security sector should be amended as the people are anticipating that security forces will use all means for protection of their life.
He asked the international community and Afghan Ulemato raise their voice against all terrorist groups that were terrorizing the innocent people of Afghanistan.
Meanwhile, Afghanistan Journalists Federation in reaction to killing of a number of journalists in capital Kabul considered the incident as crime against humanity and stressed on safety and protection of media men in the country.
“The attack has happened in green zone and heart of Kabul the security of which is particularly maintained by security forces. This is questionable that why the government is neglecting for security of Afghan citizens in particular journalists,” said SediqullahTawhidi, director of Afghanistan Journalists Safety Committee (AJSC). 
RahimullahSamandar, member of Journalists Federation says targeting media and journalists cannot stop them from their activities and all media organizations will continue their work and activities.
An Afghan political expert Mawlana Fari while stressing on safety and protection of the country’s citizens says it is the responsibility of the Afghan government to provide security for the people in particular journalists who are reporting in dangerous and challenging situation.
Chief executive of Nai Mujib Khelwatgar has also considered attack on journalists as attack on freedom of expression, saying that what happened to Afghanistan media was in fact showing failure of security organs in maintaining security of the people in particular citizens.
He added that the Afghan government should be responsive to the families of those killed in the respective suicide blast although the government was aware of warnings, but not paying attention to security of journalists in the area.
Kabul police by stressing on maintaining security and protection of the people say they would try their best to identify perpetrators of the respective incident.
Journalists Without Borders (JWB) has also asked the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to appoint a special envoy for media and journalists as targeting media is in fact targeting the humanity and freedom of expression.
It is worth mentioning that a number of media personnel working for Shamshad, a  radio in Nangarhar and a radio in Ghor were targeted during the past one year.