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Nasrat operation to curb armed insurgents’ threats & attacks, MoD

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Nasrat operation to curb armed insurgents’ threats & attacks, MoD
 Officials to Ministry of Defense (MoD) say ‘Nasrat’ operation planned and launched by Afghan national defense and security forces in various parts of the country will control and harness security threats and attacks of armed insurgents.
In an interview with The Kabul Times correspondent, acting spokesperson to MoD Gen. Mohammad Radmanish said: “Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) are fully ready to maintain security and making effort to protect the people of Afghanistan.”
He assured that the Afghan defense and security forces would harness security threats and spoil the enemies’ attacks.
“The country’s security forces have been able to plan and launch operations in volatile provinces of the country and now security has been tightened in a number of districts in Nangarhar, Nooristan, Badakhshan, Daikundi and Badghis provinces,” Radmanish added, stressing that a number of top commanders of the Taliban group have been killed and some others arrested during the ongoing operations in the respective provinces of the country.
The MoD spokesperson further said that fortunately recent achievements of ANA forces against armed insurgents have been unprecedented, adding that armed insurgents have sustained heavy casualties in Kunduz, Faryab, Helmand and Urzgan where ANA forces have launched operations against the armed insurgents and destroyed their positions and safe havens.
Related to plans of the Taliban group, Radmanish said: “The Taliban group has planned and made effort to capture five to six provinces but failed to do so as the Afghan defense and security forces with the support of the people foiled their plans and repulsed their attacks on various districts and provinces of the country.
In connection with challenges and security threats facing the people of Afghanistan, the MoD spokesperson said that one of serious security threats facing not only Afghanistan but the world and region was terrorism that was active in the region and Afghanistan as an independent country in the region was fully fighting the phenomenon. He added that currently the Afghan defense and security forces were fully ready to provide security and harness the attacks of terrorists sparing no attacks against national sovereignty and national interests of the country as well as the people. Radmanish further said that the country’s security forces were successful in their operations and had the support of the Afghan people and the international community. Informing of the ANDSF continued combat operations against the Taliban and other terrorist groups in the country, acting spokesperson to MoD said: “We are continuing our operations in all those areas where terrorist groups are threatening the people and the government as our enemies know that Afghanistan has a strong government and no forces can prevent from development of the country.” It is worth mentioning that the country’s defense and security forces are trying their best to provide a secure and peaceful environment for the people of Afghanistan and have all necessary preparations to address security challenges and threats in the country.