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‘Unity to solve ongoing challenges’

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‘Unity to solve ongoing challenges’
 President Ghani opened E-ID distribution process in a function held on this occasion in presidential palace recently with the participation of large number of senior government authorities who received E-ID.
Distribution or non-distribution of E-IDs has been under controversial discussions for many years and the most important issue was insertion of ethnicity in these E-ID. According to the latest text of a law which was initialed by president, beside ethnicity, the word of Afghan and religion of individuals would also be inserted in these E-IDs an issue that has caused disagreement of some individuals and political circles in the country.
But public opinion believe that difference of opinion is a natural issue in every system. Difference of opinion among individuals and socio-political movements has also been recognized and in this connection a hadith has been narrated from Great Prophet of Islam (PBUH) that has considered his Ummah difference of opinion as a compassion. Public opinion also believe that controversial issues concerning to national questions could be discussed in official meetings and after exchange of useful and constructive opinions ultimately following satisfaction of all sides, could be concluded to unanimity.
Reactions of some political wings that were expressed in meetings, functions as well as in media indicate that like some other cases, the senior authorities of the system divulged their difference of opinions to media and public opinion an issue that could create problems and challenges among people and additional disputes and social crisis that would not be in advantage of Afghan people and our country. Expressing every disagreement and its dissemination could conclude to the interests of enemies and damage our national interests.
It should not be allowed that difference of opinions which is a natural issue be culminated to separation of united rank of Afghan people.  Our leaders should do their best to manage difference of opinions, settle them with constructive and useful discussions through peaceful and friendly means and change them to unanimity and achieve a national acceptable agreement. The main disagreement is on details of E-IDs. 
Our people expect our leaders and rulers to solve and overcome problems with tolerance and patience and thus prevent their intensification and pave the way for successful and peaceful conclusion of the started process and let and enable our people to own a reputable citizenship document.