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Pakistan should expel irreconcilable Taliban if honest to peace in Afghanistan

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Pakistan should expel irreconcilable Taliban if honest to peace in Afghanistan
 Beside peaceful efforts of the Afghan government and several peace talks with Pakistan, many global meetings were also held on this issue to encourage insurgents to join peace process. The Afghan leader asks Taliban to accept peace suggestions which was announced in a big historical meeting in Kabul and was welcomed by the world community and appealed on Taliban and other warring factions not to miss this unique opportunity and chance because they are not only in the Afghan’s but Pakistan’s interests too.
Unfortunately Pakistan not only didn’t let Taliban to join peace process but provided them safe sanctuaries and training centers against all accepted international norms to achieve her nasty ambitions. Pakistan sent trained terrorists into Afghanistan to launch proxy war of its spy agency. Pakistan not only gained no achievement but sustained political beside economic damages and probably this artificial country would be disintegrated.
The Afghan NUG does its best at national and universal level to restore peace and stability and for this purpose it has been keeping open the door of peace talks with Pakistan. In an exculsive interviewon Apr 28. 2018 with Radio Liberty, the Afghan NSA Mohammad Hanif Atmar said, the main source of our all problems is in Pakistan policy before Afghanistan and not only the afghan people but the world community has also realized this issue. We ask Pakistan to expel those Taliban who are not ready to attend peace talks and kill our innocent civilians. He added that he had discussed last month these issues with his Pakistani counterpart Naser Janjogha on which it was agreed during the visit of Pakistan prime minister Shahed Khaqan Abbasi in kabul. Similarly the US NATO envoy Belley Hichoon had also talked with them and in his interview with Radio Liberty had said that Pakistan has the capability to prevent influence of terrorists into Afghanistan and now the time has reached that Pakistan would play a sincere role for restoration of peace in Afghanistan.
In our believe if the Afghan government exploit skillfully all global pressures beside diplomatic channels and force Pakistan to encourage Taliban leaders and tell them thattoday the regional and global situations have changed and it is the time to join the Afghan peace process otherwise your offices, training centers and safe heavens would be shutdown and you would miss current opportunities and chances.