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US, Pakistan to work together for peace in Afghanistan, Pentagon says

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US, Pakistan to work together for peace in Afghanistan, Pentagon says
 Would it be Pakistan’s new game for getting Washington’s trust and cooperation in connection with maintaining peace and stability in Afghanistan?
A question that has been raised by members of Lower House of Afghanistan parliament who believed that Pakistan would do nothing for peace and stability in Afghanistan.
Secretary of the house Erfanullah Erfan says if Pentagon wants, it can convince and make Pakistan to stop supporting terrorist groups in its soil.
“The mechanism US and Pentagon have now suggested to work together with Pakistan for Afghan peace is apparently a good step, but I don’t think we can do something in regard until a big international step not taken for Afghanistan peace,” Erfan added.
The US Department of Defence has recently said that the United States and Pakistan had many opportunities to work together for defeating terrorism and restoring stability in Afghanistan.
Yet, Kabul has considered Islamabad as key element for insecurities in Afghanistan and supporting terrorist groups in particular the Taliban group in its soil in the past 17 years.
Lack of cooperation in counter terrorism effort and empty commitments for convincing the Taliban group to peace talks by Pakistan have further increased tensions between Kabul and Islamabad. In the meantime, Washington has also exerted pressures on Pakistan and warned the country of aid cut as well as using other options in order that the country honestly cooperate in peace and stability in Afghanistan.
But, US senators and political figures have said that no change has been seen in policy of Pakistan and the country was still supporting terrorist groups in its soil. On the other hand, Afghanistan government is stressing on US pressures on Islamabad and supporting any effort that can make Pakistan change its policy in connection with counter terrorism effort in the region.
According to a number of Afghan political experts, besides that Pakistan is keeping on violations in borders with Afghanistan and supporting terrorism in the region, the country is trying to regain the US confidence.
“Pakistan is still keeping on its obstinacy in the region. From one side the country is making effort to regain the US trust for Afghan peace; on the other hand, the country is keeping on supporting terrorist groups in its soil. We hope that US take serious step against the country as Islamabad plays double game in the region,” said Wadir Safi, an Afghan political expert. He stressed that it would be very effective if Pentagon put further pressure on Pakistan as policy of the country was in the hand of the country’s army; but, if US avoided exerting pressures on the country and asked for cooperation, would it be a victory of a super power country against a country that were supporting terrorist groups? He believed that US should find a way to make Pakistan convince the Taliban group to get ready for peace talks with Afghanistan government.
The people of Afghanistan are the victim of ongoing war and violence in the country. Therefore, the world and big countries of the region should know that the phenomenon of terrorism for which the Afghan people are giving sacrifices daily will one day spread to their country if they do not find way for solution of Afghanistan ongoing war.