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Pak maneuvers bring no peace in Afghanistan

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Pak maneuvers bring no peace in Afghanistan
 It is not certain why the National Unity Government (NUG) has much tendency for drawing-up of Taliban to peace process, while this group has no meager tendency to joining peace process and giving-up of war so far.
Taliban is an ideological group. They nourish in their minds the cause of Islamic worthies and also they supported by Pakistan in the connection.
Pakistan also definite for itself India-base strategy before Afghanistan and to reach this goal, it needs to Taliban.
Pakistan has access and control to Taliban camps in tribal regions of this country.
It is the reality that Pakistan has historical and identical enmity with India.
Pakistanis image that India uses Afghanistan soil against Pakistan. The strategic stratum of Pakistan wants at least to have control in a part of Afghanistan, so that according to them to be a barrier before destructive influence of India.
No doubt, Pakistan uses Taliban as a tool of pressure against India and Afghanistan. So, there is no any reason Pakistan to present this tool with two hands to Afghanistan authorities. 
Taliban would not be satisfied unless to have accessing to all territory of Afghanistan and establishment of Islamic Emirate in this country.
In their ideology, Taliban certained the border as friendship and enmity.
They would not happy sans the exit of all foreign troops from Afghanistan and Pakistan funs this flame as much as it can.
Another problem is this that recently, Russia and Iran tied their relations with this group.
Russia has proclaimed that this country has contact with group.
Recently, the representative of Russia for Afghanistan has said that he met with Taliban.
Although, they regard this negotiation as preparing the ground for promotion of peace in Afghanistan but the authorities of the US and Afghanistan proclaiming that Russia hands over Taliban warfares.
Majority of political witnesses in Afghanistan believe that Russia, Pakistan and Iran use Taliban as a pressure tool against the US in Afghanistan. These three countries either by Afghanistan authorities or the US ones are accused for political and military support of Taliban.
When Taliban have access to abundant financial and military resources and the powers such as Russia, Iran and Pakistan give them political and regional legality, they feel no need for negotiation.
If powerful regional and world countries are infavor of sans any condition negotiation between Taliban and Kabul, they should exacerbate necessary pressure on Pakistan and Taliban grouping, not lay resources to their disposal.
It is doesn’t considered the exerting pressure of Russia on Taliban be an effort to draw-out Taliban to negotiation table.
Their exerting pressure and supporting Taliban by them in Afghanistan is aimed placing of the US under pressure in Afghanistan.
Exacerbation of tension among super powers always had negative aftermath for Afghanistan.
Despite this, we can say that negotiation with Taliban while are supporting by Pakistan bring nothing when this group is supporting politically and militarily by regional countries and have secure hideouts in some of these countries.Which reason causes that they respond positively to peaceful demand of Afghanistan?
The reality is this that Pakistan is in direct contact with this group and never consult them to join peace process of Afghanistan.
In long-run, Pakistan needs Taliban.
The recent tour of prime minister of Pakistan to Afghanistan was also an official mission. With coming to Afghanistan, prime minister of Pakistan wanted to create this believe that he is ready to help Afghanistan in peace process. But, Pakistan didn’t curtained that how he helps Afghanistan?
The prime minister of Pakistan only gave some verbal promises to authorities of Afghanistan.
The authorities in Pakistan know the verbal promises create no any obligation for them.
It is said that recently, Pakistan held some operations in its soil against those Taliban who are in favor of negotiation with government of Afghanistan.
Previously too, it was said that Akhtar Mohammad Mansour showed green light to the demand of Afghanistan, so he was killed by Pakistan.
 The latter knows no such thing in its benefit, so he was killed.
In a briefing with one of Pakistani media, Abdul Salam Zaeef has said that Taliban are not ready to come under pressure of Americans.
Zaeef adds that he has no believe that Taliban to respond to peace proposal of Afghanistan.
Anyway, it is necessary that the world nations and those who are defiant on Pakistan especially the US and the incharges of government of Afghanistan in their behaves with Pakistan and impose further pressures and sanctions on this country so that to force to cooperate Afghanistan in peace process.