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Views on Ulema’s meeting in Indonesia

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Views on Ulema’s meeting in Indonesia
 Following efforts made by Afghanistan government for maintaining peace and stability in the country, Indonesia wants to hold a meeting on Afghanistan peace with participation of Ulema of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Indonesia.
A number of religious Afghan scholars believe that the meeting that will be held in Jakarta in coming week will be very significant for Afghanistan peace as ulema of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Indonesia will participate who can clearly declare their stance against ongoing war in Afghanistan.
“Islam stresses on peace and reconciliation among Muslims as peace brings prosperity and development to the life of humanity. Unfortunately, no peace meetings inside and outside of the country have brought stability to the country,” said Mawlavi Mohammad Ishaq Hussaini, priest and imam of Numan bin Sabit mosque in Kabul.
He added that the meeting that would be held in Jakarta, capital city of Indonesia, would be very good, but the meeting would end with no result if ulamas from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Indonesia were not independent as peace could be maintained if be in accordance to Islamic Sharia.
“Various peace meetings have been held inside and outside of the country but ended with no positive consequences because the meetings had been initiated by foreigners. If this time ulema from the three countries are independent in their visions and views and foreigners do not interfere in their works, we are sure the meeting will be the start of peace talks in the country,” Mawlavi Hussaini said.
Meanwhile, Advisor to chief executive on religious affairs Abdul Malik Ziayee said  that the government of Afghanistan was praising the government of Indonesia for its cooperation and role in maintaining peace and stability in Afghanistan, but saying that no meeting would be successful until it was not held under direct ownership and leadership of Afghans.
It is worth mentioning that various regional and world countries are interested in having role towards maintaining peace and ending the ongoing war in Afghanistan.