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World Red Cross, Red Crescent Day celebrates peace, security

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World Red Cross, Red Crescent Day celebrates peace, security

 Saur 18 coincides with May 8th is the Red Cross and Red Crescent world day which is celebrated across the world in the hope of strengthening of peace and stability.

Wars and chaotic human social life, have always disturb hearts of peace loving people and force them to think on a solution. The name of Henry Dunant has been eternal in memories and linked with Red Cross.
Everything originated from a war. The village of Solferino in north of Italy witnessed a bloody and devastating war between the troops of Austria and France in which totally over 50000 people were mercilessly killed. The young Swedish businessman was strongly affected seeing wounded helpless soldiers left alone in the battlefield without a slight care. He wrote a book “A memoir from Solferino”, in which he explained the calamities of war and requested establishment of volunteer relief agencies to alleviate the pains of such tragedies.
In his book he wrote, these relief agencies should be established with devoted volunteers with the goal of taking care of wounded in the battlefields. Dunant message requested that everybody should contribute through every possible way and available resources for advance of good. His request was sincerely welcomed. Particularly the governments also demand safety of their civilians during wars. As a result an international conference was held in Geneva with the participation of 16 countries and adopted an agreement for improvement of war victims which was signed by representatives of 12 participant countries. In 1883 the International Committee of the Red Cross was established. In 1876 the Othoman Empire used the Red Crescent instead of Red Cross emblem with white context for its national Red Cross. The Islamic countries used also Red Crescent instead of Red Cross as symbol of their national relief agencies. 
Hereafter, in 1919 the international federation of Red Cross Societies was set up which its goal was mutual help and cooperations and development of relief operations in peace time. 
Following the WWII, the Red Cross activities were quickly developed as at present the ICRC constitutes the biggest International non-political humanitarian relief agency. Today at global level, the situation of national Red Crescent and Red Cross societies is a criterion for calculation of humanitarian activities in every country.
In Afghanistan, the ICRC has been committed to continue humanitarian services to deserving Afghan people. As Chief of ICRC in Afghanistan Branch Monica Zanarelli has said that ICRC services for Afghan people in 2018 would be different from other years despite of ongoing challenges and attacks on ICRC workers and employees.
The ICRC chief of Afghanistan Branch said, we are seeking possible options to handover responsibility of services and Orthopedic center in Mazar-i-Sharif to a partner or body who would be able to offer similar qualitative services for patients and our presence would remain unchanged throughout the country. The only thing that would change, is capacity of ICRC to tackle rural areas problems due to security risks. ICRC cooperation with ARCS would continue to offer services to vulnerable rural population. There would be no considerable change in ICRC commitment and proportion of its services.