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‘Our Identity Document Our National Assurance’

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‘Our Identity Document Our National Assurance’
 Supporting distribution of E-ID cards, a number of Afghans in interviews with The Kabul Times said that our national identity cards (tazkira) was our national assurance. 
After long, E-ID cards distribution office inaugurated in the Presidential Palace by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and First Lady Rula Ghani whom have received their electronic ID cards, following which, 300 high ranking government officials have also supported the process and obtained their electronic ID cards. 
Meanwhile, a number of lawmakers, experts and people have expressed their different views in the connection. 
Chief Executive Advisor Abdul Malik Ziayee in a telephone conversation with The Kabul Times said, ‘Everyone in Afghanistan ought to have tazkira and it is our national assurance, introducing our identity to the world.’
‘In my opinion, whenever a small issue relates to our national identity is going to be problematic, I not only criticize it but frankly say that it is not good,’ he further said. 
He asked the country’s politicians to make use of consensus and our national identity should not get worsened more than this.
According to him, Afghanistan has been a honourable country since long and we don’t want to change our identity and take a tazkira by another name. 
At the same time, Central Statistics Organization (CSO) said since beginning national campaign of paper tazkira’s distribution, one million people have received their tazkiras.
The organization said it considered to issue paper tazkira to ten million people throughout the country.
CSO’s spokesperson Rohullah Ahmadzai said tazkira would be given to those who don’t have identity documents or lost them. 
He said last year in Dalw {11th month of solar calendar} the national campaign to distribute paper tazkira began, during which one million people have received paper tazkiras so far.
The national campaign to issue paper ID documents started at the middle of Dalw, 1396 (solar year), as during first two months 236,000 people, in Hamal 1397, 200,000 people and in Saur, 550,000 people have received their tazkiras.
Expressing concern over the campaign, a number of Wolesi Jirga and civil entities’ members said frauds have been done during the campaign and one person has received many tazkiras.
Rejecting this issue, CSO’s spokesperson said if there was any evidence in this respect, it should be shared with them. 
Besides, a member of parliament Arian You while welcoming the government move said distribution of tazkira was a good point for a good governance. 
He added this is the responsibility of every Afghan to work for distribution of tazkira, whoever has tazkira can have a positive role in the society particularly during elections. Afghans laud the step taken by the government in this regard, he went on to say. 
‘Some people would commit frauds in the respect, but the government should seriously pay heed and prevent such actions,’ he said. 
This is while CE office in a statement said E-ID distribution as a great national issue needs further discussions so national consensus and general compromise are achieved.  
CSO’s head Humayoun Mohtat said E-ID issuance would have positive effect in the society in all spheres and the people should take part in this process. 
CSO’s office said 200 people have so far received their E-ID cards and 2000 others have registered to this process.
Ahmadzai said the process would soon get nationwide and another E-ID cards distribution centre would open in Kabul and then in other provinces as well. 
Supporting this process, a Kabul resident Nazanin said E-ID cards would help prevent frauds during upcoming elections and would also help the government to properly manage its plans on various sections.